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Infopulse Launches Data Science Service Line

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Infopulse is happy to announce it starts offering Data Science services with the focus on the developments in Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. With the new services, the company aims to accelerate the development of new solutions and products and other R&D operations.

As new technologies emerge, they have a drastic impact on all existing industries and business models. In line with the corporate development strategy for 2017 and beyond, Infopulse shifts its focus to the state-of-the-art technologies and platforms. The latest technological advancements and a large intellectual capital of Infopulse allow the company, with the newly launched service line, to design exciting products for the digital transformation of businesses.

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Infopulse can offer a lot to its clients – Data Science, AI and Chatbots, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics, and much more! By closely collaborating with EVRY AS, and through partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Google, Amazon and other industry giants, Infopulse aims to achieve its strategic goals to bring added value and digital advantage of data science to both our existing and new clients.
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Dmitry Kotelva
Head of Enterprise Business Applications and BI/DS Practice

Activities of the newly created service line will comprise the following areas:

  • Customer Classification and Look-Alike analysis
  • Chabot development
  • Pattern Recognition, feature extraction
  • Recognizing Anomalies
  • Graph analysis for customer segmentation
  • Card transaction analysis for customer segmentation
  • Computer Vision
  • Fractal recognition, object recognition, object tracking, automated photo description
  • Natural Language Processing, text analysis
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA), work with graph data
  • Fraud and Risk Detection
  • Credit Scoring and much more.

Previously this year, Infopulse supported and participated in AI Spring Hackathon with a Chatbot Assistant project, took part in Kaggle Data Science Bowl with the lung cancer detection project, and spoke about cognitive computing for the Automotive industry during Automotive Startup Crash Test event.

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