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Infopulse Makes It to TOP 3 Best Ukrainian IT Employers

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Infopulse was named one of the TOP 3 Best IT Employers in Ukraine based on the results of the annual marketing study, conducted by DOU.UA, a leading on-line Ukrainian IT platform for software developers. Respondents rated a number of statements about the company on a scale from one to seven, e.g.: professional growth; communication with Top Management, Executives and colleagues; compensations; working conditions, etc. The results of the poll were published on December 15, 2015. This year’s results published, Infopulse makes it to the TOP best IT companies list for the fourth year in a row.
Infopulse Makes It to TOP 3 Best Ukrainian IT Employers - Infopulse - 511917

The annual online poll is open for voting to anyone, with the requirement for the respondents to sign in through a valid LinkedIn profile. Each employee could only vote for the company he/she is currently working for. This year approximately 10000 IT Professionals voted to choose the best Ukrainian IT companies in several categories ranging from small firms (21-80 specialists) to large corporations (800+ specialists).

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Infopulse is absolutely honored and humbled to get such a high rate from our Team. What we do and what we strive to achieve would not be possible without the Talents we have in our company! Together we stand, united in our passion to creating excellent solutions and delivering excellence for our clients. It has always been in our Core: to care about our Employees, to focus on the long-term partnership, to create comfortable working conditions and open vast career opportunities. We never forget that our Team is important and are deeply grateful for your support and dedication!
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Lyubov Yudenko
VP of People Operations

About DOU.UA

Launched in 2005, DOU.UA is an IT Industry watchdog and the biggest online community for Ukrainian developers. performs IT market analysis and research, and provides insight into the latest current and future industry news. With a corporate profile for almost each and every IT company in Ukraine, is a reliable resource of the Ukrainian IT Industry trends. At the same time, this online community serves a rich and effective knowledgebase and discussion platform for 115,000 registered IT professionals and over 300,000+ visitors per month.

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