Introducing PACE Packager Hub 2.5 with New Functionality

PACE Packager Hub 2.5: Skyrocket Performance with Brand-New KPI Tracker

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Meet PACE Packager Hub 2.5 – the new release of our application packaging tool is finally out!

With version 2.5, the web-based workflow management tool for application packaging teams, PACE Packager Hub gets a range of new enhanced capabilities for boosting performance and productivity.    

The Top Highlights of PACE Packager Hub 2.5:

  • The new KPI Tracker measures the team's performance by tracking time spent on each packaging phase and assessing individual engineer effectiveness.
  • New SLA Widgets track overdue and soon-to-expire orders.
  • Advanced Analytics gains insights into the team's work with transparent and comprehensive reporting, allowing you to assess work quality and create detailed reports.
  • Enhanced Business Rules simplify your workflow with smarter Business Rules, including more precise triggers, attribute value adjustments, email notifications, etc.
  • Plus, other enhancements in the tool.

Discover PACE Packager Hub 2.5 to master the team's workflow of application packaging! 

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