Meet a New Version of PACE Suite 6.1 for App Packaging

Introducing the New Release of PACE Suite 6.1: PSAppDeployToolkit, Windows Sandbox, & More

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We are presenting a new release of PACE Suite 6.1, an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for managing the end-to-end application packaging process. The latest version of the tool is already available, and we are thrilled to introduce the new and upgraded features and tools:

  • Easy deployment with the new Package Wrapper tool for PSAppDeployToolkit
  • Simple PowerShell script execution
  • Fast capturing with Windows Sandbox
  • Efficient bulk repackaging with Docker
  • Enhanced performance of remote capturing

Isn't it time for the future of app packaging to be efficient, fast, and easy? Discover the brand-new features and updates of PACE Suite 6.1 today!

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