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Infopulse Partners with REMME for Blockchain Innovations

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Infopulse and REMME are happy to announce the start of a new partnership aimed at creating innovative solutions with Blockchain technology.

Both companies are constantly exploring new approaches to Blockchain implementation in different business segments. By conducting R&D activities, the companies work closely on new projects for the mutual benefit of their customers.

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The main task of our partnership is to define bottlenecks and challenges in various business sectors and explore technological aspects of possible solutions. Such research allows us to implement state-of-the-art projects where they are really needed.
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Jan Keil
Infopulse VP of Marketing

To strengthen their cooperation and R&D activities, together Infopulse and REMME collaborate with renowned Blockchain experts, participate and speak at the technology related events, such as conferences and hackathons, and develop Blockchain-based PoCs.

Both companies have established strong expertise in their areas of interest. REMME is a perfect fit for the companies, which take care of users’ personal data security and especially for IoT, Infrastructure, MedTech and Cryptocurrency sectors. Its Blockchain-based solution implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication to protect users, specialists, and company’s data from cyber-attacks while eliminating passwords. Infopulse is a trusted international vendor of First-Class IT Solutions, with a dedicated R&D lab for Blockchain Technology. In 2016, Infopulse developed a number of PoC solutions based on Blockchain technology, such as a syndicated loan system for banks, distributed data storage, and participated in projects dedicated to flight insurance, electronic land auction, and electronic voting.

Currently, Infopulse and REMME together review strategic opportunities and research multiple purposes of Blockchain implementation for the automotive industry.

As a reminder, on August 25, 2016, Infopulse announced the partnership with Distributed Lab, one of the leading Ukrainian Blockchain research and development companies.


REMME technology eliminates passwords and human error to provide a high-end security system that is easy to use without compromising security. Powered by Blockchain, REMME solves the problem of central servers that can be hacked, as well as preventing attacks, such as phishing, server and password breach, and password reuse attacks.

Since 2015, REMME’s team works on a mission to bring the security solution that will keep companies safe and sound in the new digitized world.

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