Infopulse, Tietoevry Create, and BICS Strengthen Alliance

Infopulse, Tietoevry, and BICS: Tackling Global Challenges with a Global Partnership


Together with Tietoevry Create, Infopulse took part in a strategic session in Brussels at the invitation of one of its major clients and a trusted partner BICS, a global communications platform company. During the meetup, the companies discussed BICS-Infopulse business expansion into Europe, focusing on Benelux and Tietoevry Create’s global presence as an enabler of further partnership evolution.

Matteo Gatta, CEO of BICS, and Ronald Ballet, Head of HR Sourcing at BICS, welcomed the leaders of Infopulse: Andrey Anissimov, Infopulse CEO, Maryna Tirshu, Head of Benelux Market, Alla Oliinyk, BICS Key Account Manager at Infopulse, who were joined by Christian Pedersen, Managing Director of Tietoevry Create.

During the session, we discussed the perspectives on bringing our partnership with BICS to Bulgaria, where Infopulse has been active for eight years. This is a perfect opportunity to increase our business presence in Europe. Over a decade of BICS and Infopulse’s success in Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil laid the strong groundwork for this endeavor.    

Additionally, Christian Pedersen presented Matteo Gatta and his team the Tietoevry Create locations worldwide that unlock the opportunities for larger cooperation via a truly global reach.

After 13 years of partnership with BICS, Infopulse aims to capitalize on this experience and take advantage of new opportunities in the Benelux region while continuing productive cooperation with BICS. As part of the discussion, Maryna Tirshu brought her strategic vision to the table and committed to making Infopulse a major player in Benelux.

With this joint visit to one of Infopulse's key clients, Andrey Anissimov and Christian Pedersen once again demonstrated the unity of Infopulse and Tietoevry Create in an approach to leverage our strengths in an ever-changing world. Infopulse looks forward to bringing our enhanced capabilities to a larger number of our clients – in Europe and beyond.

About BICS

BICS is recognized as a world-class voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services. The company offers a holistic suite of innovative solutions and services within Voice, Messaging, Roaming, Data & Connectivity, 5G, IoT, Cloud Communications, Capacity Management, and other domains. Headquartered in Brussels, BICS serves 2,500+ enterprise and operator customers across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. More at


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