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Infopulse Develops “True or False” Mobile Game for iPhone

Infopulse is accelerating a trend in the development of mobile applications in cooperation with the German company-partner Infopulse GmbH. Early this year the release of several games for iPhones has already been planned whereas the first intellectual game “True or False” is already available on Apple AppStore.

“True or False” is a test for true erudites and enthusiasts of unexpected and very tricky questions. And no wonder if the user is permanently absorbed in solving such issues as the connection between Venezuela and Venice, the existence of snow in Egypt, or for example, how many moons the Jupiter has.

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At present, the direction of mobile software applications development at Infopulse is rapidly extending. Our partnership with the company Infopulse Gmbh, which is experienced in developing and promoting mobile applications, is also contributing to that. The application included into Top Twenty Best Applications in Medicine is a vivid example. Nowadays “True or False” is available in Russian and German languages. And in the near future another game released under the brand of “Infopulse” will soon be available in 9 languages.
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 Dmitry Sigov
Project manager

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