Infopulse Is Friend of Children, Supports Intellectual Games

Infopulse Ukraine Is a Friend of Children and a Sponsor of Intellectual Games

Infopulse Ukraine continues supporting children welfare organisations that require help. This month, sponsorship was provided for the development of Go, a board game. The company was the title sponsor of the 4th Annual V.Tyshchenko Go Tournament held by Kyiv Go Federation.

Infopulse Ukraine Is a Friend of Children and a Sponsor of Intellectual Games - Infopulse - 978208

The traditional tournament is named after the outstanding teacher for the children at Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth and is held to develop coaching and further promote Go in Ukraine.

The 4th Annual V.Tyshchenko Go Tournament was held on 24th and 25th March in the Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth. It is a McMahon system tournament held in five rounds. This year, around 40 players participated in the tournament, not taking into account the beginners who took part in a separate tournament for children.

The winners and the coaches who had the strongest teams were rewarded with money and valuable prizes.

Dmitry Korolev, an Infopulse specialist and the Chairman of the Ukrainian Go Federation, invested a lot of time and effort to promote the game in Ukraine.

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Regular training in the club contribute to all-round development of children. Go needs the use of both hemispheres of the brain thus stimulating development of both analytical and synthetic abilities like memory, fast and flexible thinking, attention and savvy, the art of communication etc. Moreover, children can start learning the game since the age of six
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 Dmitry Korolev

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