Infopulse Joins the European Business Association (EBA)

Infopulse Ukraine Joins the European Business Association (EBA)

On March 21, 2011 Infopulse Ukraine became a member of the EBA (European Business Association —- EBA), a nonprofit organization representing the interests of more than 800 leading international and domestic-owned firms run in Ukraine. Since Infopulse has been for a long time integrated into international business and collaborates with many European companies, joining the EBA has become a logical and natural step in its development.

EBA membership provides Infopulse Ukraine with benefits such as collective protection of business interests in Ukrainian agencies of state administration as well as foreign and international organizations, it gives the opportunity to partake in decision-making at EU level, also it includes the regular information support concerning the events that affect business in the country, etc. Concurrently organization’s central purpose is the introduction of European values ​​and business practices in Ukraine.

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Since this purpose is common both for EBA and Infopulse, we hope that our cooperation with the European Business Association will be long-term, mutually beneficial and fruitful
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  Andrey Link
the Marketing and Sales director at Infopulse

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