Offshore Norge: Tech-Driven Aid for Ukraine's Energy Infrastructure

Offshore Norge Facilitates Support to Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

Offshore Norge, a member of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and a leading player in the energy sector, has been actively involved in supporting Ukraine's energy infrastructure during the ongoing war against russia. Through its partnership with Infopulse, Offshore Norge facilitated donations of energy-related equipment to Ukraine. This collaboration isn't new – it actually goes beyond just one project. Over time, Offshore Norge and Infopulse have built a strong relationship based on trust and shared goals. At present, our joint efforts are focused on boosting efficiency and innovation in the energy sector, with an additional focus on utilizing our expertise to assist in Ukraine's reconstruction.
Moreover, being ranked among the world’s Top 100 service providers by IAOP® for seven consecutive years already, Infopulse previously received the 2022 Excellence Award in Strategic Partnerships for successful collaboration with Offshore Norge.    

Collaborative Efforts During the War

Over the past two years, Offshore Norge has worked closely with the EU Energy Committee to extend support to Ukraine. The company utilized innovative solutions like Virtual Inventory, developed in cooperation with Infopulse, to streamline the coordination of donations from various operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Notably, some of the 21 shipments from Norway were initiated and managed by the Virtual Inventory team, which demonstrated its efficacy in crisis response.     

This joint initiative led by the USTF has engaged not only Norway but also South Korea, Sweden, Finland, and numerous other European nations. The impact of this collaborative effort uniting multiple countries has been substantial. As of April 2024, through the joint efforts of the Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF), the Energy Community Secretariat, and the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of DG ECHO, notable achievements have been reached:    

  • 140 in-kind donations of energy-related equipment delivered to Ukraine.
  • 5,400 tons of contributions from 102 donors and 24 countries.
  • Over 38 additional offers are being finalized.

The equipment supplied includes indispensable items such as transformers, generators, cables, and communication devices, all crucial for the repair and maintenance of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.    

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In the face of adversity, we found unity. The essence of our collaboration transcends the realms of business; it embodies the shared humanity that binds us all. Together, we forged a unique team, propelled by a singular purpose — to extend a lifeline to those in need. In the end, we aren't just stakeholders; we are fellow humans, navigating the same journey, and striving to make a meaningful difference.
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Yngve Nilsen
Senior Advisor at Offshore Norge

The partnership between Offshore Norge and Infopulse demonstrates how technology can make a difference in helping people. The Virtual Inventory solution made it easy to manage donations, ensuring that essential equipment reached the right places. Both Offshore Norge and Infopulse, fueled by a steadfast dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), invested their time and expertise into this vital mission. Infopulse is proud to have been involved in this important project and is committed to using its technology to continue helping Ukraine recover.    

Virtual Inventory: Powering Crisis Response

Virtual Inventory, with its comprehensive catalog of over 6 million components, allows operators on the NCS to efficiently share equipment, minimizing stock overlap and maximizing resource utilization.

When the European Committee requested equipment donations for Ukraine's infrastructure, particularly for electricity production, Offshore Norge, in collaboration with IOGP, swiftly leveraged Virtual Inventory to mobilize resources. Through their extensive network of industry partners, Offshore Norge efficiently sourced and provided the requested items, demonstrating the effectiveness of Virtual Inventory in crisis situations.

Learn more about Virtual Inventory on the official website and read our case study.    

About Offshore Norge 

Offshore Norge is a professional body and employer's association for oil and supplier companies. It specializes in providing industry players with up-to-date information on equipment, spare parts, and suppliers through its modern E-procurement platform.

The commitment of Offshore Norge to aid Ukraine resonates with its values of corporate social responsibility and its resolve to make a difference in times of crisis. Through their partnership with Infopulse, they have demonstrated the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing pressing global challenges. More at

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