On September, 22 Ukrainian Down Syndrome Organisation Held the International Conference on Down Syndrome Issues

EDB together with Infopulse Ukraine has embarked on a new corporate CSR project supporting children with Down syndrome and their families in Ukraine. This is a three year project which is aimed at delivering the best information resources, advice and good education services in Ukraine. It will encourage social and political change to improve the lives of the estimated 10,000 people living with Down syndrome across Ukraine.

The conference took place in “Bratislava Hotel”. It presented some modern approaches to health issues, development and education of people with Down syndrome. The participants learned a lot about the Ukrainian Down Syndrome Organisation, as well as the launch of the three-year partnership project in Ukraine that was created together with the Norwegian group of companies EDB Business Partner ASA (whose interests are represented by Infopulse Ukraine) with the support of Down Syndrome Education International (DSEI) — the leading global charity supporting better education for children with Down syndrome.

The conference was attended by specialists in the field of education and health, politics, nonprofit organisations and families which have people with Down syndrome.


Professor Sue Buckley OBE — Chief Scientist, Down Syndrome Education International, and Emeritus Professor of Developmental Disability, Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK. Sue Buckley is one of the world’s leading researchers in the education and development of children with Down syndrome.

Phillip Mattheis, MD (invited) — Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician and Associate Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Phil Mattheis has had a long-standing special interest in healthcare for people with Down syndrome, co-edited the book “Medical and Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome – A Guide for Parents”, is a member of the US Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group and a founder member of the International Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group.

Julie Hughes — Director of Intervention and Support, Down Syndrome Education International. Julie has a Master’s Degree in Audiology, holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association and has worked extensively with children with special needs.

Sergey Kuryanov — the President of the Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Down Syndrome”

The Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Down Syndrome” is the national charity for people with Down syndrome and their families in Ukraine. It has recently embarked on a three year development project with support from a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of EDB – a leading European IT services company, with the assistance of its representative – company Infopulse Ukraine. This project is aimed at improving advice, information, education services and support for people with Down syndrome and their families throughout Ukraine.

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