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Security Management

Information Security Management system which follows recognized standards

The Infopulse Information Security Management System (ISMS) is fully compliant with the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

Infopulse ISMS is a holistic management system, which assists in achieving business goals and protecting corporate reputation.

Based on the risk assessment across the company that considers internal and external risks, ISMS is a centrally managed framework formed by policies, procedures, technical and physical controls to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information.

The Infopulse Executive Management Team is responsible for ensuring that all specialists understand their liability and exercise all internal regulations related to security and IPR protection.

Infopulse Chief Security Officer ensures that an organization’s security function protects customers’ data, provides business continuity for delivered services, and adds value to the development of the company.

Regular security training sessions are provided to the company specialists. Each specialist regularly passes the internal security test.

Business continuity is built according to the best security practices, which ensures continuous operations of the delivered services. The Business Continuity Plan is implemented for quick and effective response to service disruptions. The redundancy strategy includes data backups, power generators, fault-tolerant design for IT infrastructure, two internet channels, equipment cold reserve, and vendor equipment support.

Physical security is provided for all delivery locations with 24/7 security guard. The premises are safeguarded with a state-of-the-art access control system, CCTV VoIP, and other security systems. Procedures for visitor attendance, access card management, and event handling are in place.

Operational security is performed by an expert dedicated team, which is supported by a top-of-the-line SIEM solution.

Security controls are integrated into the IT service management and project management processes.

External and internal audits are performed to verify the consistency and maturity of the implemented security processes. Penetration tests are conducted by an internal team of seasoned specialists.

Mature Infopulse ISMS is an integral part of the company’s approach to deliver excellence to our customers by providing a secure IT environment for our professional services.


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