Corporate Transfer Application in Azure for Large Pharma Producer

Cloud-Based Corporate Transfer Solution for a Large Pharma Producer

Large Pharma Producer







About the Customer:

A large producer of pharmaceuticals, one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market.

Business Challenge

The announcement of the nationwide quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected the business continuity of our client, one of the biggest producers of medicinal products in Ukraine, and interfered with many internal processes. The strict restrictions on public transport usage limited our client’s employees in terms of available transfer options that could ensure their safety and comply with the quarantine requirements.

To address the transportation challenges and provide a safe alternative, the company initiated a project that would encourage employees who drive their own cars to pick up their colleagues while driving to and from work. The customer turned to Infopulse, as its trusted digital services partner, to assist with the project implementation.

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Infopulse experts implemented a transfer advisor solution built within the Azure cloud environment to match car-owners with employees without cars in the most efficient way based on transfer route preferences:

  • Designed and deployed a cloud-based corporate worker advisor solution;
  • Integrated the solution with Microsoft SharePoint Online to gain access to the corporate human resource system and enable automated data update, such as work schedule, home addresses, etc.;
  • Ensured seamless data transition between the solution components with Azure Data Factory;
  • Enabled a secure data storage, prompt data retrieval and processing with Azure SQL database;
  • Implemented Azure Maps for computing optimal routes with custom-configured requirements;
  • Utilized Azure Function, a serverless hosting, to enable faster and cost-efficient production;
  • Configured Power BI to ensure service analytics;
  • Provided automated notifications generation and distribution with the Azure Logic Apps service.


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Business Value

The corporate transfer solution supplemented the Business Continuity Plan of our client and ensured a safe and secure transportation option for employees without cars. The implemented platform favored the company thanks to the following aspects:

  • A scalable, cost-efficient cloud solution;
  • A high rate of successful routes computed that meet the pre-set requirements: up to 70% of employees without cars are delivered to and from office;
  • Automated e-mail notifications about calculated routes for employees’ direct managers;
  • Enabled visualization of the final routes on the Bing Maps for simpler management;
  • Provided a general overview and analytics on calculated routes and completed and non-completed transfers.

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