Custom Cloud/DevOps Solution Saves €80M on IT Infrastructure

Custom Cloud/DevOps Solution Saved Client €80 Million on IT Infrastructure

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About the Customer:

The client of Infopulse is one of the world’s leading Secure Technology and Smart Card production enterprises. The company provides solutions to a vast portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, manufacturers, mobile operators, governmental organizations, and much more.

Business Challenge

Our client focuses mainly on technology solutions for financial and personalization services. Therefore, a secure cloud solution was a part of new business transformation strategy geared towards IT infrastructure scaling, flexibility and significant costs reduction on applications development, their support and maintenance. Only the fact that the customer had to spend €100 million a year for their legacy VMware infrastructure confirms the urgency of changes needed to modernize the whole IT ecosystem. Moreover, the customer wanted to improve IT systems stability and load balancing with a failover for their production services in different geo locations.  

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  • To cut high costs, as well as reduce time to market of the customer’s main services, Infopulse was addressed to build a custom cloud solution. Relying on immense expertise in Kubernetes, Docker containers and DevOps practices, our experts managed to develop a solution similar to Google Cloud.
  • We set up a Docker cluster based on 16 hardware nodes with auto backups, load balancing, and automatic failover in two geo-distributed locations.
  • To automate software delivery lifecycle in containerized workloads powered by Docker, we introduced CI/CD practices also utilizing TeamCity and Jenkins tool with auto-deploy mechanism.
  • We have built a development lifecycle using DevOps to provide regular software delivery. Thus, utilizing Continuous Integration approach, developers were able to release a high-quality build version together with already conducted automated tests, then packed both of them into separate Docker containers and, directly moved to System Integration Testing (SIT) environment for testing the dependencies between modules. The same containers migrated to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, where Continuous Delivery practices were used together with automated testing whereas manual testing took place in the production phase based on the Continuous Deployment approach.


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Facts & Figures


Reduction in costs
(from €100mln to €20mln per year)


Largest companies adopted the solution

Business Value

  • Infopulse delivered a custom-built cloud solution automating software delivery and providing a range of opportunities for business scaling.
  • Implementation of Kubernetes E2E platform with Dockers within CI/CD pipeline helped us enable shared resources, load balancing, failover, auto backups, monitoring support, geo redundancy, and high availability.
  • The customer reduced development and support costs for their IT infrastructure from €100 to €20 million per year.
  • Later, over 20 largest world banks, telecom companies and automotive manufacturers adopted the solution.

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