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Approach cloud transformation with a strategy and relevant KPIs custom-developed by Infopulse – a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and AWS Select (Services) partner.

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Implement Tailored Cloud Strategy 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of cloud options available and unsure which one is right for your organization? Infopulse experts evaluate your needs and procedures and recommend targeted cloud approaches for long-term efficiency.

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Lower Overhead Costs 

If you are struggling to reduce your overhead costs while maintaining the efficiency of infrastructure or public cloud services, we can examine the technical and business aspects of your enterprise to identify areas for cost improvements and offer you a custom FinOps solution. 

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Scale and Get Flexible 

To help you scale your business and stay flexible in the face of changing market conditions, Infopulse offers handpicked pricing and scalability cloud options that can future proof your business.

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Integrate Sustainable Change

Do not worry about the process and technical issues involved in cloud migration! Our team of experts will guide you through the process and ensure a swift migration, whether it is a few workloads or a data center. 

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Customize Your Approach

Finding the right vendor, platform, or licensing options that align with your business needs and goals might be hard. Infopulse offers a customized approach to help you evaluate your business needs and provide targeted recommendations for the best-suited options.

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Improve Security Posture

Are you concerned about the impact that security breaches could have on your business continuity? We provide you with the right solutions. Infopulse uses the latest security technologies and best practices to ensure that your cloud environment is protected.

Service Categories

Cloud Readiness Assessment 
  • Expert evaluation of your business’ readiness for the cloud
  • Assessment focused on people, processes, and workloads
  • Examination of the current business practices and needs
Cloud Operating Model 
  • Assessment of your current operating model
  • Recommendations on the effective switch to the cloud
  • Advisory on the best-fitting model for your business: private/public, hybrid, or multi-cloud
  • A blueprint of required changes to your workforce strategy for cloud transformation
Cloud Adoption Roadmap  
  • Evaluation of costs, usage, and policy frameworks
  • A roadmap of best practices and technologies for your cloud transformation strategy
  • Actionable recommendations for project activities and execution timeline
Cloud Business Case 
  • Custom-developed KPIs and quantified benefits for your cloud migration project
  • MVP and workshops to plan investments and prove the business hypothesis
Vendor, Platform, and Licensing Advisory 

Evaluation, assessment, and detailed analysis of potential vendors, platforms, and licenses to accommodate your cloud needs: 

  • Recommended technology solutions
  • Vendors
  • Licensing options
Cloud Security Consulting 
  • Review of the current cloud security posture
  • Customized security architecture roadmap
  • Best security policies, approaches, and procedures
  • Adoption of compliance and regulatory best practices


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