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Corporate Data Warehouse with Master Data Services for Travel Retail Company





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About the Customer:

BF&GH Travel Retail is a leading duty-free operator in Ukraine. Founded in 2010, the company now is an official representative of a recognized brand Heinemann Duty Free, already introduced in three large Ukrainian airports – Boryspil, Kyiv, and Odesa.

Business Challenge

Infopulse started a partnership with BF&GH Travel Retail in 2019. The customer needed to transform the company’s financial data management and processing. For this, it was vital to introduce a single data warehouse that would allow storing and processing all the financial information in a centralized system. The latter had to become a single point of truth, uniting efforts of the accounting and financial departments.

One of the objectives was to consolidate data, previously maintained in different sources, which complicated data import, cleansing, matching, and verification. The financial department could process data generated from such sources only manually and thus, creating consolidated reports for executive managers could take a few days and plenty of effort.

Another problem was the lack of trust to source data without functionality restricting access to data at the financial department level. Data sharing and its possible alterations were only orally agreed and could not be automatically registered in the system.

Corporate Data Warehouse with Master Data Services for Travel Retail Company - Case Study Image


  • Infopulse implemented a corporate data warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server with added Master Data Service as a reliable system for keeping all the financial data:
    • customizable rules for data quality and deduplication logic;
    • ad hoc adjustments between relationships of entities;
    • simplified architecture with relevant technical capabilities;
    • a transparent reference data management process.
  • Enabled user-friendly Web UI allowing the financial managers to process and correct master data directly in a centralized system.
  • Gathered information from various data sources (1C, a bookkeeping system, and multiple Excel files) and disabled changes in the source systems, increasing trust to source data.
  • Reduced time needed for the Finance department to generate consolidated reports by automating manual operations for data processing.
  • Introduced ad hoc master data management to create reports on an as-needed basis and allowed for greater flexibility in decision-making.
  • Implemented MS Power BI to provide better data visualization opportunities to the managers.
Corporate Data Warehouse with Master Data Services for Travel Retail Company - Case Study Image

Business Value

  • For the Finance department, running and creating consolidated reporting in a centralized system has become less labor-intensive and more resource-efficient. Multiple manual operations were reduced, which allowed generating consolidated reports in a few hours instead of days.
  • Finance managers received a flexible tool with an easy-to-use UI for master data management. Also, the system’s flexibility allows end-users to add minor changes to the system settings.
  • The disabled changes in the source data ensure that it is accurate, immutable, and consistent.
  • Boosted cross & up-sales, new service sales, and new segment offerings
  • Reports are quickly updated after adding corrections to the source documents within a closed accounting period.
  • The system provided a high level of automation, better flexibility, and stability.
  • The introduced ad hoc master data management allowed for faster reporting and improved decision-making.

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