Data Warehouse Design and Implementation

Build a reliable and scalable data storage from the start. Make headway towards powerful business analytics to support your business transformation journey.

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Unify All Your Data in a Centralized Repository 

Infopulse helps develop a modern data warehouse that allows consolidating data from multiple sources in a single secure repository and ensures high quality of stored data to support your analytics needs. 

Boost the Speed of Analytics 

With access to standardized quality data, your users can generate reports faster without the help of technical experts. Add rapid data mining and you get high-speed powerful business analytics.

Gain Relevant and Actionable Insights

Converting data into valuable insights at the expected speed, you can make strategic decisions faster. This can have a positive impact on your business strategy, customer satisfaction, the volume of sales and closed deals, as well as ROI.  

Enable Scalable Data Storage

While building data storage, it is critical to consider scalability challenges your business can meet in the future. A cloud based DWH allows handling the growing number of queries and increasing the volume of data, scaling up/down when needed.

Service Categories

DWH and ETL Design

To build a modern DWH that can meet your changing business needs, it is imperative to establish a flexible and future-proof architecture. The scope of our services extends to:

  • The high-level data warehouse design
  • Technical DWH architecture design
  • The low-level design of ETL
  • Data modeling and reporting
  • Dashboard and report design
Data Modeling, Integration, Management

Infopulse helps to organize and structure your data to simplify its processing and management. Our services include:

  • Dimensional, logical, and physical modeling
  • Data integration and data cleansing
  • Data quality and metadata management
Development and Implementation

With our profound expertise in DWH design, we provide DWH development, implementation, and customization to your specific business requirements. Our services cover:

  • DWH structures
  • Data Marts
  • Metadata layers


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