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About the Customer:

Corteva Agriscience, one of the Fortune 500 corporations, is a global agricultural, chemical, and seed company based in the USA. To help farmers increase productivity and crop quality, the company offers an extensive portfolio of products and services that combine genetics, chemistry, and precision agriculture.

Business Challenge

Corteva was on the lookout for an external IT services vendor who would be able to build a digital services platform for farmers and agronomists alike. With the smartphone app, the end-users would have a 360-degree view of their farms and fields, including land quality, ownership status, historical data on farmed crops, and more.  

One of the most essential parameters to account for during the project planning was to consider the seasonality of the business and deliver the application in time for the start of the farming season.

The Infopulse team was engaged to lead the development of the two generations of the same app.

Land management app for Corteva Agriscience - Infopulse case study


In close collaboration with Corteva, the Infopulse team came up with a solution that has all the necessary data for effective farming while bridging the informational gap between the two categories of end-users – farmers and Corteva agronomists.  

Our engineers ensured the possibility to scale the country-specific product further across multiple geolocations in the future, where the client has its offices, and other locations. 

Finally, Infopulse orchestrated the feedback from multiple stakeholders and decision-makers at Corteva’s regional branches, feeding it back to enhance the development process and refining the product after each demo. 

As a result of the 1,5-year end-to-end development project, Corteva received an all-encompassing data aggregator app with which it is possible to: 

  • Create and manage farms from a smartphone or a desktop app. 
  • Use up-to-date information to enhance land management.
  • Cover the seasonality of the business, as the app offers controls over full-cycle farming throughout the year.
  • Check field health status leveraging remote sensing and AI features.
  • Monitor hyperlocal weather forecasts, issue alerts to plan field irrigation, etc.


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Business Value

The solution offered by Infopulse fully complied with Corteva’s expectations. We met the tight deadlines and tackled the aspect of seasonality that is important for the agricultural business.  

As a result of our collaboration, our client as a vendor can now offer a comprehensive mobile solution to the international markets that enables agrarians to plan and effectively manage their farms from A to Z: from fertilizing fields to harvesting crops. Corteva and Infopulse continue improving and supporting the solution.

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