Data Solutions & Consulting Services for Agriculture 4.0

Data Services in AgriFood

Embrace agriculture’s connected future with a trusted IT partner. Maximize the benefits of data to improve field operations, optimize inventory management, prevent equipment downtime, forecast sales, gather client insights, and more.

What We Do

Generative AI & ML 

Use Machine Learning models to analyze multiple factors to increase yield prediction accuracy. Elevate grazing control, animals’ feeding habits monitoring, and anomaly detection as well as leaks in irrigation systems. Streamline resource allocation and productivity in farming by early disease diagnosis and automation of repetitive tasks. 

Data Platform Design & Implementation  

Create single all-purpose data storage platforms. Our engineers help you benefit from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, delivering enhanced business intelligence. We implement Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse so that you can improve the decision-making process across your entire company with all the data under one roof.

Data Strategy Validation & Consulting  

Bring noisy data in order. Together with you, we analyze your needs and propose a suitable architecture with a preselected technological stack and then offer a roadmap for a gradual transition to the new system. We complement the process with risk analysis and documentation, define team composition, and estimate project budget including cloud subscription.

BI & Advanced Analytics 

Grasp smart insights for timely business-critical decisions. We provide comprehensive consulting on BI platform adoption (Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, SAS, etc.) for on-premises or cloud deployments with cost estimates. On-demand, Infopulse provides data visualization and dashboard design services to capitalize on advanced analytics and capture high-impact trends. 

How We Treat Data

Types of Data
  • Drone imagery
  • Visual data (photo, video)
  • Geospatial data (GPS, maps)
  • Satellite data from free and paid sources
  • Data from sensors and controllers (IoT, SCADA)
  • Machinery telematics (location + parameters tracking)
  • Resources catalogues (equipment, inputs, people etc.)
  • Manual input data (surveys, reports, QA activities)
  • ERP / CRM / Accounting / Corporate software
  • Farm management systems and tools
The Way We Utilize It
  • Data Collection / Exchange / Routing / Synchronization
  • Data Storage / Security / Access management
  • Raw data processing and visualization
  • Insights extraction and interpretation

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