Optimizing Roaming Management Lifecycle for a Global Telecom Company

Centralized Roaming Management System for a Global Telecom Company

Global Telecom & Technology Company







About the Customer:

Our customer is a multinational telecommunication service company that provides connectivity and digital services to over 200 million customers across Europe, Asia, and Africa. As one of the largest global mobile network operators that is present in 13 dynamic markets, our customer utilizes innovative technologies to expand its mobile network infrastructure, rollout new customer engagement platforms, and deliver advanced digital services to every subscriber.

Business Challenge

Our customer is managing roaming agreements and a range of other roaming-related processes with more than 1,000 operators in over 230 countries. The rapid growth of data volumes and the increasing workflow complexity has created inconsistency across the customer’s roaming management lifecycle. As a result, the company had to resolve the following challenges:

  • De-centralized roaming management processes that hampered decision-making;
  • Unconsolidated data flows within the roaming infrastructure;
  • An excessive amount of time-consuming manual processes.

The telecom giant has approached Infopulse to develop an advanced roaming management system that would enable full transparency and control over the roaming lifecycle processes and optimize roaming operations across 16 subsidiary companies.

Centralized Roaming Management System for a Global Telecom Company - Case study image


Infopulse has conducted an in-depth analysis of all customer’s roaming operations and developed a holistic management system that was tailored for the company’s roaming management lifecycle. The system consolidates data from numerous sources like external systems and legacy sub-systems into a unified data hub. The centralized system features high-end data management tools for all stages of the roaming lifecycle and includes a convenient collaboration platform that facilitates communication and data exchange between the customer and its subsidiary companies. In addition to aligning all roaming processes across disperse infrastructures, the solution enabled automation of financial, analytical, and reporting activities, which further streamlined roaming management processes and significantly reduced the manual workload for the end-users. The collaborative effort of 50 Infopulse specialists, including developers, QA automation experts, DevOps engineers, analytics and service managers has resulted in a futureproof roaming system, powered by the latest Microsoft Azure tools and technologies and efficient CI/CD processes.

During the roaming process transformation project, Infopulse scheduled the deliveries of different system components with regard to the customer’s business flow. Besides, Infopulse provided comprehensive system support services in line with predefined SLAs to ensure that customer’s roaming managers could seamlessly perform their commercial activities without any business disruptions.

Business Value

The advanced roaming management and automation solution developed by Infopulse has amplified the customer’s business productivity, improved cost-efficiency, and streamlined roaming operations with 1,000+ operators worldwide by:

  • Consolidating data into a single hub that enables swift and data-driven decision-making;
  • Enabling efficient management of former and ongoing deals, as well as accurate financial forecasting for future roaming deals;
  • Facilitating communication with 16 subsidiary companies via an intuitive and easy-to-use collaboration platform that features a modern and convenient UI;
  • Providing full-scale automation of time-consuming roaming management processes like calculations and approvals;
  • Generating comprehensive financial reports, business analytics, and informative data insights;
  • Safeguarding roaming operations with an advanced fraud prevention tool.


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