SAP ERP System Implementation for Petruzalek

SAP ERP Rollout for Global Fresh Food Packaging Producer







1,500 employees, 13 production plants and 37 warehouses

About the Customer:

Petruzalek Ukraine is a part of Italian Sirap Group, a global product and tech company with 60+ years of experience in the packaging technologies and materials production and sales.

Business Challenge

Petruzalek required assistance with the rollout of the global SAP ERP system for its branch in Ukraine. Due to rather complex local tax legislation and accounting standards, many features and processes had to be pre-configured and localized. A core requirement was to integrate the SAP ERP system with the Ukrainian Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform from the local provider.

Additionally, the new SAP solution had to entirely conform to the internal corporate rules, being ready for further integration with the global corporate SAP solution of the multinational Sirap Group in Europe. Among some technical challenges, our team had to enable a complex upgrade of the outdated version of the customer’s SAP ERP to enable localization functionality. Apart from the planned integrations, the team had to connect the SAP system with the Ukrainian e-signature system for faster document processing.

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Upon evaluating the leading providers of SAP-related services, Petruzalek selected Infopulse as their reliable and experienced SAP partner based on our broad expertise in SAP international rollouts and application management services. Moreover, we have one of the largest professional team of SAP experts in Ukraine.

Infopulse helped the customer to implement SAP ERP system rollout and orchestrate the integration of the external EDI solution with SAP Sales & Distribution module featuring semi-automated accounting. Moreover, Infopulse embedded electronic signing in accordance with the Ukrainian requirements, allowing for the success of the SAP ERP system integration with the local tax platform. This enabled the effective exchange of VAT documents of the Petruzalek Ukrainian branch via EDI, fully meeting the local requirements and maintaining the needed features.

Besides that, the functional scope of this SAP Rollout project included the following:

  • Supporting Master Data migration from 1C legacy system to SAP ERP;
  • Automation of bank statement processing;
  • Embedding integration of QR codes in Material Management and Sales & Distribution subsystems;
  • Functional upgrade of the global SAP system fulfilling the main requirements of UA localization;
  • Conducted workshops and training for end-users of Petruzalek Ukraine;
  • The full system support during the cutover process.

Upon the project completion, Petruzalek continued cooperation with the Infopulse team, now focused on SAP Application Management Services. Moreover, due to the high quality of Infopulse services, further developments were made not only for the Ukrainian branch but also for other offices of Petruzalek group, leveraging SAP ERP solution. Some of the most noticeable achievements included:

  • Complex price dispatching dashboard integrated within the SAP ERP system – a pricing management solution for optimizing integral data processing of prices and their changes from a single place point. This tool allowed simplifying and accelerating the entire pricing workflow by almost 2X. Initially developed for the Ukrainian branch, the solution was further scaled to other Petruzalek group branches.
  • Tuning and expanding SAP’s “Plants Abroad” functionalities for EU legal entities to automate tax reporting for specific operations (including VAT and INTRASTAT reporting). Plants Abroad introduction was well evaluated by the company’s auditors and financial officers.

Business Value

As a result of this complex SAP rollout project and our top-notch application management services, Infopulse helped Petruzalek group to achieve the following business advantages:

  • Launched an efficient and consolidated SAP ERP system that executes critical business operations.
  • Maintained business continuity at the Go-Live phase without disruption.
  • Ensured that the new solution is legally and fiscally compliant with the key Ukrainian tax and accounting regulations.
  • Enabled a seamless integration of SAP ERP with the EDI system.
  • Simplified and accelerated multiple management processes. We helped the customer achieve 2X-faster and effective pricing management due to the implemented price dispatching dashboard.
  • Automated data and document operations of end-users involved in the accounting process.
  • Ensured knowledge sharing with the Petruzalek SAP team.
  • 2x faster & effective pricing management


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