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SAP International Rollouts

Enhance visibility into your business processes and operations. Rely on Infopulse’s expertise in complex SAP ERP rollouts to build a unified ERP solution for all business units.

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Enable a Consolidated ERP System 

Our in-depth expertise with SAP solutions and ERP systems per se makes Infopulse a perfect partner for enabling SAP Global Template rollout. A consolidated, cost-efficient and fully integrated system for all your business units helps you gain improved visibility into all critical operations. 

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Reduce Costs 

With a unified SAP ERP system and template approach, you save on the implementation of a separate ERP system and its customizations. It becomes easier and faster to manage your operations and troubleshoot issues, optimizing IT support and maintenance costs, as well as improving system governance. 

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Ensure Compliance with Legal and Business Needs 

When enabling a rollout, we provide an array of necessary integrations, localizations, and developments to fully ensure the system compliance with the local laws, rules, standards, and regulations.  

Service Categories

Local Requirements Analysis and Fit/Gap Analysis

Before initiating the rollout on-premises or in the cloud, we thoroughly study and analyze local business requirements and needs (local gaps) that distinguish your business. We also identify country-specific legal regulations (legal gaps), related to financial, human resources, sales and distribution areas, and others.  

Locally Adjusted Global Template Design

Taking into account the defined requirements and analyzed gaps, we develop a global SAP ERP template design, already adjusted to the local specifics. At this stage, we also define the rollout strategy, offering a predefined, flexible, or combined approach to the template deployment.  

Global SAP ERP Template Implementation and Rollout

Infopulse implements a global SAP ERP template design and enables the system rollout, including master data migration support, complex upgrade of the system, integrations with other SAP systems (SAP SD, HR, PY, etc.) or customer’s third-party systems, automation of specific processes, and localizations. The scope of services may also comprise other developments and optimizations, required to comply with specific local and international regulations (e.g., local laws, IFRS rules, etc.) 

System and End-user Support

We provide support of the template during the cutover process and post-implementation to ensure the solution reliability and productivity. Infopulse also delivers end-user support, conducts workshops and training of end-users, and enables knowledge sharing and transfer between the global company and its subsidiaries.  


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Ensure the efficiency of your SAP ERP rollout strategy by leveraging our SAP expertise.

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