Infopulse BPO Streamlines Telco Operations & Boosts Efficiency

Telecom BPO Streamlines Telco Giant Operations

Telecom Provider



Cooperation period:

since 2011





About the Customer:

A leading global telecommunications provider offering a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and services across various domains, including voice, messaging, roaming, data & connectivity, 5G, IoT, cloud communications, and capacity management. The company serves a large customer base of enterprises and operators across multiple continents.

Executive Summary

Goal: Enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and data integration.

Solution: BPO services across various areas.


  • BPO services across various areas
  • Launched new services 20% faster
  • Boosted cash flow by 10%

Services delivered: An extensive range of Telecom BPO services.


Business Challenge

A major telecommunications platform has been experiencing a robust increase in customer numbers, driven by increased demand for mobile data and cloud services.

While this growth is encouraging, it presents opportunities for enhancement in several areas, namely: 

  • Streamlining back-office operations
  • Optimizing procurement and inventory management
  • Navigating regulatory compliance
  • Enhancing data integration and visibility

As a long-term reliable partner of the client, Infopulse is assisting the global carrier with their processes and operations optimization.  


Infopulse Telco BPO team has been helping the telecom leader streamline their operations since 2011 with a comprehensive suite of BPO services, including:  

1. Billing & Collection. The Infopulse team manages invoicing, cash collection, dispute resolution, and overdue payment handling for voice, SMS, data, roaming, and capacity services.

  • Ensured timely revenue collection, reduced disputes, and optimized cash flow
  • Expertise in transfer pricing principles for complex multinational operations

2. Accounting. We help maintain International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliance, manage financial audits, reconcile balance sheets, and handle corporate tax reporting, along with streamlined reporting processes with consolidated financial data.

3. Procurement Services. Leveraging cost-effective sourcing of goods and services with supplier selection, contract negotiation, and inventory management. 

  • Negotiated favorable contracts and ensured efficient utilization of resources
  • Managed essential services like office supplies, equipment, and company vehicles

4. Reference Data Management. The Infopulse BPO team takes care of data accuracy and compliance across internal systems. 

  • Maintaining reference data for suppliers, routing/pricing, numbering plans, and service implementation
  • Enforced internal processes and ensured data accessibility to authorized personnel

5. Regulatory Advisory. Navigating the complexities of cloud service regulations across global markets. 

  • Ensuring compliance with local telecommunication and electronic communication laws
  • Collaborating with National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) for licenses and legal entity creation

6. Account Management & Trading. Fostering seamless customer experiences with dedicated account managers.

  • Managing technical, financial, and legal matters for voice, SMS, mobile data, roaming, and cloud services
  • Conducting price negotiations, bilateral deals, and business development activities
  • Overseeing buying & selling of routes for voice and SMS termination

7. Sales Operations: Enhancing customer relationships and sales efficiency with dedicated support specialists. 

  • Facilitating contract administration, pricing, customer information management, and order forms
  • Providing troubleshooting assistance and data-driven insights for informed sales decisions
  • Monitoring performance indicators for effective sales processes

8. Value Added Services (VAS) & Cloud Communications. Delivering a broad spectrum of VAS solutions and cloud communication services. 

  • Managing VAS provisioning, address validation, number porting, customer care, and tool development for MyNumbers, APIs, and VAS offerings
  • Ensuring timely delivery of services and providing support for VAS-related inquiries

9. IoT Customer Success Management & Support. Providing a seamless onboarding experience and ongoing support for IoT platform customers. 

  • Managing onboarding projects, fulfillment, training, and support during the trial and implementation phases
  • Offering technical support via phone and written communication, troubleshooting issues, and guiding tool usage
  • Maintaining accurate customer contact details and billing information

10. Bid Management. Increasing win rate with expert bid preparation and proposal development. 

  • Coordinating the bidding process, gathering necessary information, and responding to RFPs and RFQs for telecommunication services and products
  • Collaborating with internal teams to create compelling proposals that highlight BICS’s capabilities and value proposition
  • Developing competitive bid strategies and tailoring bids to client’s requirements

Business Value

With the help of the Infopulse BPO Telco Team, the client achieved the following results:  

  • Saved 15-20% on operational costs through streamlined back-office functions, optimized procurement, and reduced compliance expenses
  • Boosted cash flow by 10% with faster billing, improved collection rates, and minimized revenue leakage
  • Reduced customer churn by 5% by improving service delivery, resolving disputes quicker, and offering a more positive customer experience
  • Launched new services 20% faster with efficient processes, centralized data analysis, and quicker decision-making
  • Freed up to 10% of internal staff time by offloading routine tasks to Infopulse BPO, allowing the global carrier team to focus on strategic initiatives.

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