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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Streamline Your Telco Operations: Infopulse Optimizes Processes from Billing and Collection to VAS Provisioning.

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Streamline Telco Operations

Infopulse ensures that your BPO journey is smooth and efficient. Our experts handle tasks like billing and collection, route optimization, managing value-added services, and even back-office support for customer onboarding. 

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Extend Your Team

Infopulse seamlessly integrates with your team, handling a range of critical tasks. Our experts manage value-added services like virtual numbers and mobile data, while also navigating regulatory compliance for a smooth customer experience.

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Focus on the Core Mission 

Focus on innovation and growth while Infopulse handles your administrative tasks like hiring, managing employee compensation and benefits, and even providing the equipment your team needs. 

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Optimize Processes 

Entrust your tasks to our telco experts and gain efficiency through reduced infrastructure, technology, and training needs. Focus on core revenue-generating activities like account and market management.

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Problem-Solve Proactively

Infopulse goes beyond reactive solutions. Our team of telco experts anticipates challenges in areas like billing & revenue management, network performance, and regulatory compliance. We proactively develop strategies to mitigate risks and optimize operations.

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Continue Innovating

We are your reliable partner in progress, always searching for new tech and methods to keep your business growing. We use the latest tools and proven approaches to help you constantly improve.

Service Categories

Billing and Collection
  • Invoicing processes and cash collection
  • Managing billing, including usage tracking, rate calculation, and billing for various services (voice, data, SMS, capacity, etc.)
  • Dispute resolution and overdue amounts with the understanding of transfer pricing principles for transactions between different entities of the telecom industry, especially in multinational operations
  • Payment allocation and settlement agreements
  • Cash flow management
  • Document flow validation
  • Billing system clean-up
Account Management and Trading
  • Conducting price negotiations, bilateral deals, and business development related to Voice, SMS, Mobile Data, Roaming, Cloud Numbers, VoIP, and CPaSS
  • Negotiation of rates and routing destinations in order to grow the volumes and margin
  • Monitoring of service quality
  • Driving revenue growth by increasing voice traffic exchange volumes
  • Wholesale and retail management for Voice operators and SMS aggregators
  • Pricing proposals
Reference Data Management
  • Maintenance of reference data across multiple applications
  • Suppliers offer upload
  • Implementation of OBR (Origin-Based Routing/Pricing)
  • Implementation of General Mobile Numbers/OTT in Numbering Plan Database, Voice browsers, and SMS Platform
  • Organizing master data systematically for efficient service/product implementation
  • Conducting manual synchronizations
  • IFRS compliance and financial audit
  • Balance sheet reconciliation and corporate tax reporting
  • Consolidation and accounting compliance
  • Financial management, using telecom-specific ERP and financial modules within OSS/BSS solutions
Regulatory Advisory   
  • Regulatory compliance
  • End-to-end analysis and support
  • Collaboration with National Regulatory Authorities (NRA)
  • Risk management
  • Knowledge maintenance
  • Legal entity creation
Bid Management
  • Bidding process management
  • Technical & commercial data collection
  • Requests for Proposals (RFPs) responses
  • Proposal development
Sales Operations
  • Supporting the customer-related activities (pre- and post-sales) for Voice, Messaging, Mobility and Capacity services
  • Contract administration management
  • Pricing introduction and maintenance
  • Input and update of customer information in various platforms (i.e. RDB and
  • Sender ID (SMS originating address) and messaging content registration
  • Order forms creation
  • Communicating purchase orders to vendors, receiving goods, and following up the invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • General services oversight
  • Documenting of the contractor’s processes from A to Z
  • RFQ creation
  • Processing purchase orders
  • Monthly financial reporting
Value-Added Services and Cloud Communications
  • Configuring value-added services (VAS) – virtual telephone numbers
  • Routing configuration and establishing connections between company suppliers and its customers
  • Managing customers' order requests
  • Validating customer addresses and documents in compliance with country-specific legal restrictions
  • Performing test calls and analyzing the call flows
  • Customer care activities and troubleshooting
  • Porting
  • MyNumbers/API + VAS tool development
IoT Customer Success Management & Support
  • Leading IoT platform customers through the onboarding journey
  • Fulfillment, training, and support during trial and implementation
  • Handling features, portal access, and APIs
  • Customer support for MVNE/IOT/SIM
  • End-user contact management
  • Proactive communication


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