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Custom Dev or Low-Code? Watch “Game of Codes” to Find Out the Best Fit for You!

Low-Code / No-Code or Custom Dev? Citizen developer or conventional developer? Fast time-to-market or freedom of choice? And finally, operational cost or project cost?

Watch the ‘Game of Codes’ show to discover processes, tools, and real-life cases and learn how to make the right choice to apply just the right approach that caters exactly to your business’ needs! 

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This live battle of expert minds is brought to you by Infopulse – an IT Service provider with more than 3 decades in the business! 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Pros and cons of the two rivaling approaches to software business solutions
  • Real-life cases of Custom Dev and Low-Code / No-Code implementations
  • Decision-making roadmap of choosing Custom Dev or Low- Code / No-Code
  • [EXCLUSIVE] Tailormade working tool by Infopulse to analyze your individual project and match it to the most effective one from the two approaches

Custom Dev – Kate 

During her 13+ years in IT, Kate has seen it all: from the beginnings of QA to Business Analysis, and to the marriage of business and programming as a Head of Software Dev Pre-Sales. She believes that tailored Custom Dev is far from extinction and in the right hands, it’s an enabler of smart digitalization.

Low-Code / No-Code – Anton

He wrote his first program using Pascal at the age of 15 and has been obsessed with how IT could make our lives smarter since then. He sees Low-Code / No-Code as the next step in the programming evolution, a step toward efficiency and rapid time-to-market for everyone. 

See how the two philosophies collide as Kate and Anton put their brilliance to the test in the debate that teases the minds of IT Services providers and IT Services users!

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