Infopulse Launches a New Entity Infopulse Brazil

Infopulse Brazil: A New Member of the Global Infopulse Community

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After successfully setting up the first delivery in Rio de Janeiro together with our partners, we are making a firm step onto the new continent and launching our own entity, Infopulse Brazil.

Taking advantage of company’s 30 years of experience in business, Infopulse Brazil is going to adapt our multi-industry approach to explore new horizons in the Americas region.

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With an entity in Brazil, Infopulse is now present in the Western hemisphere, which widens our prospects for development in the Americas. It also provides us with independence and agility to ensure that we can leverage our expertise to the fullest on this growing market.
We have launched the very first delivery in Brazil for our long-term Telecom partner BICS and aim to extend our offering to a wider spectrum of industries.
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Andrey Anissimov
CEO, Infopulse

Carlos Albano is going to lead our Brazilian office as a Managing Director. Coming from TietoEVRY, he is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience that spans across industries, equipped with inside-out knowledge of the local market.

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Building relationships that go beyond day-to-day tasks is the key to business success in Latin America. This relates strongly to the Infopulse way of business and my goal is to capitalize on that in Brazil and the region.
Infopulse brings an offering that spans numerous industries and 30 years of tech experience to the developing market of Latin America. Rich in capable specialists, this region is eager for the digital transformation and we are ready to leverage our expertise to become the driving power of that crucial process.
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Carlos Albano
Managing Director, Infopulse Brazil

Our Brazilian office already greeted first Infopulse specialists that joined the Telecom delivery for our customer BICS. We are determined for expanding our international family and providing new opportunities for the local community.

Infopulse Brazil: a New Chapter of the Global Infopulse Family - Infopulse - 1

Renato Dornellas (on the left), the first Senior IP/MPLS Engineer at Infopulse Brazil, welcomed by Carlos Albano (on the right).

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