How to Stay Compliant in View of the EU AI Act 2024

Infopulse Assists Businesses to Prepare for the AI Act Entry into Force


In view of The EU-wide Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), Infopulse aims to assist enterprises in staying compliant with their AI solutions under the new regulatory framework. The information below may be of use to businesses that seek to mitigate AI Act compliance risks and learn how to stay compliant with the latest regulations.  

The European Parliament adopted the AI Act on March 13, 2024; thus, businesses and developers are urged to prepare for the changes it involves. The world’s first comprehensive AI law was created for the controlled and responsible use of AI across the European Union, focusing on the safety and civil rights of EU citizens. 

According to the official timeline, the first bans for ‘high-risk’ AI applications apply six months after the AI Act enters into force. Bans may include: 

  • Biometric categorization systems
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Emotion recognition solutions
  • Social scoring tools
  • AI systems that manipulate human behavior or exploit the vulnerabilities of individuals.

The ban is applicable to all AI-based solutions that impose threats to citizen’s rights and democracy. Other AI systems must comply with transparency requirements and other rules depending on their nature.

Compliance Assistance as a Part of AI/ML Services by Infopulse

Infopulse leverages advanced AI and ML technologies to help businesses enhance productivity, agility, and operational efficiency. All our AI/ML services & solutions are fully compliant with new regulations.

We utilize in-depth expertise in intelligent automation, computer vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), predictive and advanced analytics, generative AI, and other technologies to deliver tailored solutions that significantly reduce costs, simplify maintenance, and accelerate business processes. With our help, businesses can achieve the highest level of data accuracy and data-driven decision-making for sustainable growth and competitiveness.    

Within the upcoming legal changes, Infopulse AI engineers, together with our compliance experts, help enterprises to get ready for the EU AI Act entry into force:

  • AI Act Compliance assessment for existing AI applications or upcoming solutions to identify areas that need adjustments to meet the AI Act requirements.
  • An individual workshop to propose enhancements to make AI solutions fully AI Act-compliant and mitigate compliance risks.
  • Implementation of the changes necessary for AI Act Compliance with the corresponding technical and consultancy support.
  • Consultancy services that cover all aspects of creating and maintaining compliant AI-powered software.

Early consultation and adaptation are imperative for avoiding potential fines and prohibitions and ensuring your AI solutions are safe. Ensure your business is ahead of the curve by aligning with the AI Act requirements.

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