Predictive Analytics Services to Empower Smart Decisions

Predictive Analytics Services

Have better confidence in your business success with predictive analytics at hand. Infopulse helps translate data into value by implementing predictive analytics solutions tailored to your needs.

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Enable In-depth Insights

When building a predictive model, we ensure raw datasets refinement and their transformation into actionable insights, thus supporting your strategic decision-making.

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Forecast Business Outcomes

With predictive analytics tools, you can reduce time, effort, and, most importantly, costs in foreseeing business outcomes. This allows boosting your business performance and operational efficiency.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

By predicting customer behavior, you can understand your clients better, meet their personalized needs, improve customer retention, reduce churn, and greatly increase your sales.

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Reduce Risks and Downtime

With the adoption of a predictive analytics tool tailored to your business needs, you can sustain the predictive maintenance strategy and minimize the impact of possible risks, outages, and failures on your business.

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Detect Fraudulent Activities

Relying on various predictive analytics techniques, we build predictive models that help discover security threats, prevent different types of fraud, and eliminate errors in the production or critical business processes.

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Enhance Products & Services Quality

With the ability to identify anomalies and predict errors, risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, you can deliver high-quality and secure products and services to your customers, getting ahead of the competition.

Our Solutions

Anomaly Detection

A customizable AI/ML-driven solution to ensure precision in identifying abnormal performance, energy consumption, or equipment failures on industrial sites.

  • Seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure, including ERP systems
  • Custom audit scenarios
  • Real-time data analytics and processes automation
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Inventory Price Forecasting

A cloud-based solution allowing businesses to approach budget planning with data-driven insights.

  • Extensive search capabilities of goods and materials
  • High accuracy of price updates
  • Integration of multiple ERP sources with Azure Data Factory
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Service Categories

Predictive Analytics Consulting

As an innovation-driven IT provider, Infopulse helps businesses adopt predictive analytics to transform their decision-making. We provide all types of consultations, including root cause analysis to cover your predictive modeling needs. We also help identify problems and tasks to be solved by leveraging existing data.

Data Preparation

Our vast BI and DWH practice allows us to deal with any type, source, and volume of data. That is why we succeed in the preparation of datasets, including:

  • acquiring data from different data sources
  • data cleansing and formatting
  • data enrichment and transformation
Data Analysis, Identifying Patterns and Trends

Having substantial experience in the implementation of predictive analytics software, we conduct exploratory data analysis, delving deeply into the client's data. Utilizing data visualization, we help identify trends, patterns, any inconsistencies, or anomalies in data to provide actionable insights and hypotheses for further analysis and modeling.

Predictive Model Training and Validation

Upon completing data preparation and analysis, we proceed to feature selection and engineering, predictive model training, and validation. We build the models using modern machine learning and deep learning techniques. To accelerate building a variety of models, we utilize automated machine learning services.

Application and Maintenance of the Predictive Model

After the successful model validation, we fully operationalize the model, which includes creating the required infrastructure, model deployment to production, creating data pipelines, monitoring model score, and retraining it to ensure target performance.

Use Cases that We Cover

Churn Prediction

Improve your customer retention and save costs on acquiring new customers. 

Anomaly Detection

Prevent critical incidents, fraud, system failures, intrusions, or undesired customer behavior. 

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid unplanned downtime and ensure the continuous functioning of mission-critical systems, networks, equipment, or machines.  

Customer Segmentation

Automate identifying and creating customer segments to enhance your customer services and enable risk management. 

Sales and Demand Forecasting

Optimize your supply chain management, inventory controls, and production planning with more accurate forecasting. 

Recommendation Engine

Deliver more personalized offerings and content to your customers, drive more traffic to your website, and increase sales volume. 

Dynamic Pricing

Boost your sales and maximize profits, achieve better price flexibility and adjust to changes in supply and demand in real-time. 


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