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Infopulse Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Infopulse, a trusted European provider of software engineering, infrastructure management, and information security services and solutions, is pleased to announce that Kostiantyn Gitko, previously the Technical Delivery Manager at Infopulse, was appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Both external and internal applicants were granted full and equal consideration.

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Kostiantyn Gitko has almost 10 years of experience in ICT industry, having a deep knowledge of software development processes, implementation of complex automation systems (Microsoft and SAP SRM, SCM, CRM) and DWH integration. He received his degree from the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis of the NTUU Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. K. Gitko previously held a number of senior positions, managing various IT implementation projects with local and international companies (Fozzy Group, Peri, Fidesco, ArcelorMittal etc.). Before joining Infopulse, he was a Deputy Head of Department at Ukrtransgaz. At Infopulse, K. Gitko was leading a SAP project for one of the Big Four.

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Kostiantyn Gitko has proved himself as an extremely effective Delivery Manager. We believe K. Gitko will excel in finding solutions to even the most difficult business challenges.
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Eugene Novikov
Infopulse EVP

With tremendous amount of technical knowledge, Kostiantyn Gitko as CTO will need to make decisions as a corporate stakeholder of business solutions, approving Infopulse’s products technical decisions for business requirements implementation and architectural solutions. He will make sure that Infopulse develops and deploys technologies and services in accordance with approved company strategies using the vision and the product development road map provided by a Product Owner.

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Currently, Kostiantyn Gitko is working on a 100-day plan, setting the first goals and prioritizing tasks based on Clients’ expectations. As CTO, Kostiantyn Gitko will collaborate closely with Infopulse CEOs and Executives of the Business Development, Marketing and Production Departments. K. Gitko will build a focused Team Development plan and ensure all Infopulse projects are moving in the right direction.
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Lyubov Yudenko
Infopulse VP of People Operations
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We’ve already initiated the first strategic changes by providing a dedicated Operations Support Team forming a new Internal Business Software Solutions Department. The Department will be responsible for developing, maintaining and supporting the development technology stack, used by the company. My main task is to optimize existing internal processes and to streamline internal operations, making them even more transparent for the customers. And with some of our upcoming software solutions reaching the final stages of development, Infopulse will continue to explore new potential market opportunities.
Kostiantyn Gitko
Infopulse CTO

As previously announced, Jan Keil and Lyubomyr Boychuk were appointed as EVP of Marketing and EVP of Sales respectively.

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