Infopulse contributes to the fight against the Russian invasion

Infopulse Contributes to the Fight Against the Russian Invasion

The history of Infopulse is inseparable from the history of Ukraine. We share both happy occasions, like the 30th anniversary of Ukraine, which Infopulse celebrated last year, and gruesome events, as we stand together in a war Russia has brought to our land.

Infopulse does everything in our power to help both Ukrainian citizens and the military. Yet today, our highest priority is to stand by our army. We see our duty in supporting Ukrainian soldiers that defend our Motherland against the Russian invasion.

We believe these actions will become a sizable contribution to today's battle:

  • Infopulse donated 3 million hryvnias to one of the biggest funds that support Ukrainian combatants The Return Alive Foundation.
  • Thirty-three laptops were sent to The Return Alive Foundation for the Ukrainian air defense. These laptops will enable real-time data exchange between air defense command posts and missile system operators.
  • The BCP team work 24/7 and do their best to help Infopulse specialists and their families reach a safe place.

Ukraine's victory is only a matter of time as we are united by a common goal and fight for our freedom, bright future, and our right to live the way we see best. Stay strong and believe in the Ukrainian army!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Infopulse contributes to the fight against the Russian invasion

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