Infopulse Publishes Corporate Strategy for 2017 and Beyond

Infopulse Explores Latest Global Trends and Strategic Opportunities for 2017 and Beyond

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In 2016, Infopulse celebrated its 25th anniversary – a significant date and an amazing achievement for the company. The success of Infopulse largely depends on its team and decisions made by the company’s management. As the company enters the new business year, in this announcement Infopulse wants to share their vision of the company’s development with our existing and prospective clients.
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Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.
Niels Bohr

Technology is booming today. With data becoming the new oil, things are constantly changing. Infopulse sees the most groundbreaking changes in Innovations. The era of cognitive computing has brought many advances: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, robotics, Mixed Reality, and others. With innovations coming at us at the full speed, innovative markets are growing fast as well.

These tendencies will drive Infopulse and EVRY forward. Infopulse has launched new projects and developments in Blockchain, new product development, IoT, robotics, mobile transformations, cloud, VR/AR and 3D visualizations. EVRY and Infopulse explore new opportunities with the latest partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. The company plans to launch new ambitious projects together with the colleagues from Norway, Sweden, India, and Latvia.

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While the term “Innovations” is frequently used as a buzzword, Infopulse’s strategy for 2017 and beyond includes numerous initiatives with a focus on new developments. Following our vision of strategical developments, we will focus on exploring the latest trends and changes that deeply connect businesses with technology.
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Jan Keil
Infopulse VP of Marketing

As 95% of Infopulse’s clients are located in Europe and the USA, Infopulse’s deliveries, services, and solutions have to comply with all of the EU and US laws, e.g., those on data protection and data export regulations. Our nearest plans include opening new delivery offices in European Union (Poland and Bulgaria) and further strategic growth.

At the same time, Infopulse will utilize its expertise and competencies to explore new opportunities in Ukraine by opening a new office in Ukraine (Lviv), expanding business relationships with the Ukrainian companies and contributing more to the success of the country.

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Being strong locally, we’ll become strong outside. Being leaders in Ukraine, we’ll be leaders everywhere. This idea belongs to Michael E. Porter from Harvard Business School. The industry is the strongest, when its participants are competitive and when the business environment is strong. Contributing to the development of the local community and doing what we can to make the local business environment stronger is another major shift in our strategy.
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Lyubomyr Boychuk
Infopulse VP of Business Development

All that brings a new challenge for Infopulse. Infopulse’s unique experience across many industries and high-quality standards allow the company to be an active participant of fundamental processes and changes in the industry. Infopulse will take new steps – to redefine our customers’ journeys, acting as advisors and offer our clients new business approaches.

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Introducing changes is a great art. We’ve caught the wind of changes and we’re moving on full speed ahead. Infopulse will be shifting to an even more holistic approach in terms of offering services, new products, and solutions.
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Alexey Sigov
Infopulse President

Infopulse would like to thank all of our valued partners, clients, friends, and employees for being with us. We are happy to have each and every one of you on this journey!

Infopulse 25th Anniversary Celebration

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