Infopulse Partners with FLUX to Bring Blockchain to eSports

Infopulse Partners with FLUX to Bring Blockchain to eSports

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Infopulse is pleased to announce the partnership with FLUX, an innovative eSports matchmaking platform based on Blockchain.

Over the last years, eSports area has grown a lot, showing an astonishing turnover ratio and generating an income of dozens of billions every year. Video game tournaments, such as Dota 2 International or LoL eSports, are considered sports disciplines in many countries. For a long time, developers, professional teams, and eSports platforms owners shared common goals but achieved them in different ways. All this created a need for dedicated platforms, specializing in competitive video games and combining such aspects as entertainment, competition, and fairness.

We are glad to present FLUX – a unique decentralized matchmaking platform and gaming ecosystem for competitive video games. FLUX platform uses smart contracts to guarantee privacy and transparency for all users and transactions. FLUX is built on the Ethereum Classic 2.0, the Blockchain-based platform. Blockchain smart contracts will ensure user’s data privacy as well as security and transparency of the system. Infopulse will act as a technological partner of the platform.

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Infopulse is interested in supporting FLUX as one of the biggest upcoming eSports platforms, uniting several big industries and technologies, including Blockchain. As an early adopter of the Blockchain technology, we understand the huge technological impact of its ecosystem. In past, we successfully developed PoCs, MVPs and ready-to-use products for enterprises. Acting as a reliable partner of the FLUX platform, we expand the portfolio of our consumer-oriented projects and bring in our technical expertise in the development of such sophisticated solutions.
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Alexey Sigov
Infopulse President
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FLUX unites two huge industries – crypto and gaming – and benefits both. The gaming industry is one of the fastest developing in the world, but its potential is much larger than it seems. We see Blockchain and cryptocurrency in conjunction with competently built ecosystem for gamers as an excellent solution for the industry. We are pleased to be a strategic partner with Infopulse and look forward to showcasing our MVP. We share the same vision of providing our customers with leading technology and product enhancements to satisfy their every need.
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Alexandr Sushko
Impulselab CEO

Watch our Official Video Announcement about Partnership with FLUX:

About FLUX

FLUX is a global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology. This is the first solution in the eSports market that provides decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. FLUX is an ecosystem that provides multi-level interactivity of the game process, as well, as it gives players numerous new channels of monetization of cybersport achievements that are not available on existing platforms. FLUX is also a platform for competitive games and tournaments, a market for game products, a platform for competitive games and tournaments, a market for game products, a platform for online broadcasting of games and funding of game projects.

About Infopulse

Infopulse, a part of Nordic IT group EVRY A/S, is an international vendor of services in the areas of Software R&D, Application Management, IT Operations, and Information Security to SMEs and Fortune 100 companies across the globe.

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