2023 PAIH Recognition of Infopulse Poland

Infopulse Poland Takes the Spot of the Best Service-based Investor by PAIH

On March 7, 2023, Infopulse Poland earned recognition at the Gala night of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) for its substantial contribution to the local economy.

We are honored to receive such an award, accompanying our global presence growth, as being recognized among the top companies that dare to blaze new trails successfully. Along with Mercedes-Benz AG and Intel Corporation, Infopulse Poland is officially among the driving force behind the progress of the local economy.

Our company is glad to partake in broader conversation across borders, becoming an example of tireless striving for service excellence. Our commitment to offering value to clients worldwide remains steady while we are moving forward, solidifying our status in Poland this time.

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Indeed, it is an honor to be part of a chosen community of the most active business leaders that significantly contributed to the Polish market growth. Infopulse Poland is glad to promote the national economy and Infopulse’s values of service excellence woven into the fabric of our global corporate culture.
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Lukasz Olechnowicz
Head of Business Development and Marketing, Chief Transformation Officer
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At PAIH, we are fully aware of Poland's advantages over competitive markets and we are constantly working to attract new investors to Poland and support the development of companies that have been already present in the country. Projects within the IT sector are among the key ones in the Agency's investment portfolio. It is even more gratifying that Infopulse, thanks to the support of PAIH, has decided to strengthen its presence in Poland by developing its center in Łódź and is a shining example of a company participating in the Poland. Business Harbour Programme.
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Marcin Fabianowicz
Director, Center for Strategic Investments, PAIH
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The Infopulse investment in Łódź was exceptional for us in every aspect. Relocating employees from a key IT industry along with their families was a dream business case for us. Mutual trust, understanding, and quick action turned out to be crucial. We gained an excellent brand and many talented engineers, but most importantly, we are honored to be a home for new residents who enrich our community. It is a big step towards building our multicultural identity as a city.
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Adam Pustelnik
Deputy Mayor at City of Lodz Office

Infopulse is on track to reaching the milestones that resonate with our development strategy. Progressing, we abide by the commitments to excel while expanding our global outreach.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the year, Infopulse was once again recognized among the World’s Top 100 Best Outsourcing companies according to IAOP for the 6th year in a row.

About PAIH

Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) is committed to promoting Poland and the country’s economy. The organization, thanks to a network of foreign trade offices, works as a promoter of Polish companies abroad and is intensively involved in supporting local and foreign direct investments, considering it a catalyst for Poland’s socioeconomic development. Thanks to a broad network of national and regional partners, authorities and business environment actors it has the key advantages working as a one-stop shop for investors. In 2022 PAIH was awarded at the GO Global Awards in Tallin for attracting BSS inbound investments into the country – Shared Services Ecnomony Enabler, and received an award for the Poland. Business Harbour Programme from tech industry association – SoDA. www.paih.gov.pl/en


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