Infopulse Poland recognized as Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner

Infopulse Poland Earns Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner Badge

Infopulse Poland Earns Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner Badge news - News Image

The newly earned title offers our Polish team the opportunity to strengthen ties with the clients beyond reselling licensing by providing even more end-to-end client-focused services. From now on, Infopulse Poland will be an all-in-one sales hub of the leading Microsoft products for European clients by directly proposing domain-specific offerings and enhanced support.

Being a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 partner, Infopulse Poland can offer multifold benefits to its clients, including:

  • End-to-end services with cloud offerings, including consulting and sales, to custom-tailored development and enterprise-level migrations.
  • Direct provisioning of Microsoft cloud managed services to the local community.
  • Lower costs with service bundles, better pricing methods, simplified billing arrangements.
  • A-to-Z technical support of Microsoft-powered systems and solutions.
  • Holistic IaaS/SaaS/PaaS, cloud security, DevOps, and app cloudification as part of the extra non-core service pack.
  • No trade-offs between efficiency and service due to closer cooperation and sync with Microsoft.
Becoming a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 Partner is a milestone to be proud of. The title comes as a recognition of our deep expertise with Microsoft cloud offerings and commitment to go to great lengths serving our clients. Infopulse Poland team is glad to be among the vendors of Microsoft services and a trusted partner of the world’s leading tech corporation.
image of person
Lukasz Olechnowicz
CEO of Infopulse Poland

With the recent expansion of our presence in Poland, Infopulse is steadily going forward with its top-tier services enabled by strategic partnerships similar to our long-standing collaboration with Microsoft.

As a reminder, back in 2018 Infopulse became a Microsoft Tier-1 CSP partner in Europe and in 2021 was recognized as Azure Expert MSP.

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