Infopulse Poland announced opening of a new office in Warsaw

Infopulse Poland Opens a New Office in Warsaw

Infopulse is happy to announce the opening of a new office in Warsaw. The company’s Warsaw delivery center has moved to a new location – it now shares the office space with Tietoevry, Infopulse’s parent company.

The Infopulse office in Warsaw has been operating since 2018, focused on delivering services in software, cloud, application management, IT operations, and R&D. For several years, the Warsaw team has been constantly growing and developing solid connections with partners and clients across the European market. Geographical proximity to direct clients, integrity with the EU legal environment, and compliance requirements helped Infopulse Poland become one of the leading software and IT innovation providers in the local market.    

After almost five years of operations, on February 8, 2023, the Infopulse Warsaw delivery center moved to a new location in the very center of the city. The new, bigger office is aimed to help our specialists in Poland effectively perform on their ever-growing projects and strengthen cooperation between Infopulse and Tietoevry teams that now share the same working space.

About Infopulse Poland

Infopulse Poland
began its operations in 2018 by opening the first delivery center In Warsaw. Expanding our presence across the European Union has been a top priority goal for Infopulse to address the growing demand for the services among European partners and clients. In the first two years of operation, Infopulse Poland grew to 60+ specialists, focusing on three service lines including Industry Software, Financial Services, and Cloud & Infrastructure.    

On February 8, 2022, Infopulse Poland extended its presence to Łódż, Gdańsk, and Bydhoszcz. New offices were aimed to support the rapid partnership development on the European market and the appearance of new global projects. After russia invaded Ukraine in Feb.2022, the Infopulse Poland offices, with the support from local authorities, helped numerous specialists from Ukraine to relocate and continue working in safety.    

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