Infopulse Presented Generators to the Medevac Group

Infopulse Provides Generators to the Mobile Medical Evacuation Group

Being in the Top Five Ranking by CSR Ukraine is quite responsible, but that’s an achievable mission for Infopulse.

As a global company with Ukrainian roots, Infopulse is charged to support initiatives which contribute to the victory of Ukraine. We are happy not to walk alone during these dark times and, together with our friends, we launched an initiative to support Ukrainian medics.

Together with clients and partners, Infopulse purchased 2 diesel generators and healthcare goods for the mobile medical evacuation group, which is saving the lives of the wounded in the hottest spots. Ukrainian medics are constantly risking themselves while fighting for the lives of defenders and civilians. So, a reliable power source is an integral part of their live-saving mission. 



At Infopulse, we believe that health is the greatest gift and take care of it proactively by participating in the annual Chestnut Run and Cycling Marathon, among other activities. This year we also supported World Blood Donor Day and launched an initiative to enhance learning opportunities for kids with Down Syndrome.

Stand with Ukraine and explore how Infopulse stands on the pillars of sustainability.   

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