Infopulse Gets Top Spot in CSR Index 2023

Infopulse Earns a Top Five Ranking in the CSR Index 2023 Study for Business Sustainability

Being already a war-tested company, Infopulse continues to demonstrate exemplary performance in corporate social responsibility during challenging times.   

As an international company with Ukrainian roots, Infopulse has been recognized for its outstanding commitment to business sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the ‘CSR Index 2023’ study conducted by CSR Ukraine and Ukrainian business media The Page. The study focused on assessing the sustainability efforts of Ukrainian companies amidst challenging times, particularly during the ongoing war. Infopulse's notable performance has earned it a prestigious position, ranking 4th among the 30 participating businesses, including banks, IT companies, and industrial holdings  

The ‘CSR Index 2023’ assessed participating companies based on a comprehensive model of CSR in wartime, including the following five aspects: 

  • Business Continuity and Taxes: Evaluating companies' ability to maintain business operations and fulfill tax obligations despite the challenging wartime conditions.
  • Specialists’ Safety: Ensuring the safety and well-being of specialists working with the company, particularly in the context of the ongoing war of russia against Ukraine.
  • Combat Readiness: Measuring the support provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, mobilized specialists, and veterans, emphasizing a commitment to national security and defense.
  • Unity: Recognizing companies' efforts to collaborate and support central and regional authorities, engage in joint programs with competitors, and provide assistance to contractors and partners.
  • Community Support: Assessing community support initiatives, aid for internally displaced persons (IDPs), volunteer projects, and contributions to reconstruction efforts.

More details about the research results and the approach used in the study can be found on the official website of The Page.  

Thanks to our dedication to Business Continuity Planning (BCP), even amidst the challenges of wartime, Infopulse has garnered a well-deserved place among the top five companies in the study. The company achieved the highest scores in the categories of ‘Specialists’ Safety’ and ‘Community Support’.   

Understanding our responsibility to give back, Infopulse continues to leverage its expertise to contribute to the improvement of society, supporting not only its specialists but also the wider community. Through its sustained efforts, Infopulse remains dedicated to supporting Ukraine’s development during these challenging times.

For a comprehensive understanding of our CSR initiatives, be sure to refer to Infopulse’s 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.   

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