Infopulse Takes part in BlockchainUA 2017 Conf & Hackathon

Infopulse Sponsors BlockchainUA 2017 Conference, Takes Part in Blockchain Hackathon

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Infopulse sponsors, supports and participates in BlockchainUA, a large international 3-day event dedicated to the latest achievements and trends in Blockchain and FinTech, to take place on March 17-19, 2017, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

BlockchainUA is a series of events, organized by Distributed Lab aiming to inform about Blockchain advancements and unite the cryptocurrency movement. Supported by Infopulse and many Ukrainian and international companies, BlockchainUA has grown in size and scope, becoming one of the largest international FinTech events and attracting a large number of foreign speakers and participants.

The 2017 edition of BlockchainUA consists of two major parts, conducted on separate dates:

Infopulse supports and participates in the BlockchainUA event: our experts will speak during the conference and will take part in the hackathon with our new Blockchain project.

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We see huge opportunities in distributed technologies. By supporting BlockchainUA, we aim to help promote the Blockchain movement, find new ideas and bring them closer to the business. Infopulse has become one of the first outsourcing companies in Ukraine to offer Blockchain developments. In September 2016, Infopulse team won the third place at Blockchain Hackathon 2016, and in February 2016, we announced a Syndication Solution Blockchain product for banks and financial institutions. We are very excited about our next steps and achievements with this trend-setting technology!
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Jan Keil
Infopulse VP Marketing, BlockchainUA Speaker and Mentor

During the conference, more than 40 experts from 10 countries will share their insights, practical information and discuss cases of successful Blockchain implementation in applicable areas, such as:

  • Blockchain in e-gov
  • Geopolitics and Bitcoin
  • How Blockchain will influence laws and regulations
  • The influence of bitcoin and blockage on the structure of social relations
  • Blockchain for the financial and non-financial businesses sectors
  • Internet of Coins
  • Distributed cloud computing
  • Blockchain investments
  • Challenges of implementing Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • The future of the cryptocurrencies and much more!

Delivered in three parallel sessions, the conference is an excellent chance to communicate with potential partners and clients, learn the latest trends, attend workshops and watch presentations of Blockchain products and startups.

The event will be of interest to everyone concerned about the Blockchain technologies: FinTech experts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, IT specialists, representatives of governmental institutions as well as banking, insurance, and financial companies. Over 500 guests from various countries are expected to visit the conference.

The 48-hour BlockchainUA hackathon will start the next day after the conference. The second all-Ukrainian hackathon is an excellent chance to start your team, receive mentorship from industry experts and develop a real product with the help of distributed technologies. The hackathon will be of interest to a wide range of software developers, FinTech geeks, and cryptocurrency specialists as well as investors, entrepreneurs, analysts and those interested in new technologies. Participation in the hackathon is free for all teams.

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