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Infopulse to Speak at JavaDay Kyiv 2016

Infopulse is proud to announce the company’s specialists will speak at JavaDay Kyiv 2016, a large community-driven event with a focus on Java and related technologies, on October 14-15, 2016.

JavaDay Ukraine is an annual international conference for Java enthusiasts and IT specialists. The Conference is an excellent opportunity to stay updated about the latest technological advancements; hear some insights and get practical advice from the world-known speakers; experience practical hands-on demos; network and communicate with colleagues, fellow attendees, and industry professionals.

Join the Infopulse Java Specialists who are to speak during the two-day JavaDay Kyiv Conference!

Viktor Polishchuk, Infopulse Java Technical Leader with over 13 years of experience including about 11 years of Java development, will speak on October 14 at 3 pm (Kyiv time – UTC/GMT +3). Viktor will tell some tips and tricks on how different Java data types can help or worsen the course of software development and further maintenance. Viktor will also explain how to avoid accidental and painful issues in the course of Java application development.

Roman Uholnikov, Infopulse Java Developer with experience in various enterprise projects, will speak on October 15 at 11:20 am (Kyiv time – UTC/GMT +3). Roman will talk about some common issues and best practices related to database versioning, migration and maintaining in Java projects. Conference attendees will learn about a set of useful migration tools (e.g., Liquibase and Flyway) and compare their benefits and drawbacks. The session will end with a live migration demo performed with the help of Liquibase.

In total, 50+ sessions and 5 keynotes from Ukrainian and International Java Thought Leaders will be delivered during the conference, covering all major Java technology topics:

  • Core JVM platform and Java SE (Java 8)
  • JVM languages and new programming paradigms
  • Web development and Java Enterprise technologies
  • Software engineering practices
  • Architecture & Cloud
  • Big Data, DB & NoSQL
  • IoT developments
  • Practical workshops with live demos

Interested in high-quality Java Application Development? Infopulse offers a considerable expertise and in-depth experience in delivering Java-based applications and software products for both SMB and enterprise needs. Contact us now to discuss!

In the meantime, see you at JavaDay Kyiv 2016!

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