Infopulse community unites to counteract russian Invasion

Infopulse Ukraine Community Stick Together to Counteract Russian Invasion

On the 24th of February 2022, our country faced an unprecedented violation of all human rights by Russia, who unleashed a full military assault on Ukraine, invading the country from the east, north, and south.

The war mobilized all people of Ukraine, uniting together and calling to every possible action against aggression.

Infopulse Ukraine was born in 1991 - the same year as independent Ukraine and never stood aside crucial historical events in the country - the fate of our company is inseparable from the fate of Ukraine. Since the first days of the war, we have been making efforts to, above all, provide support to our specialists:

  • On the eve of the war, a volunteer movement across the Infopulse community, whose cause is donating money to Ukraine's Armed Forces, was initiated.
  • Organizing the evacuation of Infopulse specialists together with their families and domestic pets to safe locations in western parts of Ukraine and abroad to Poland and Bulgaria, as well as providing housing where possible or financial compensation for 1 month of rent.
  • We provided all our specialists with an advance payment equal to one month's income.
  • We keep financial compensation for those specialists who joined UA army forces and protect our Motherland, as well as support their families’ safety upon request.
  • Started preparing IT equipment to be donated to a charity foundation – now the process is slowed down due to the physical restrictions caused by the war.
  • Within the first hours of the war, we called for donating blood to the injured across both civilian and military forces.
  • Transferred 100K UAH to Lviv IT Cluster to equip refugee shelters
  • Sent IT equipment to Lviv territorial defense forces.
  • Created a list of charity organizations for the current and former clients who expressed the willingness to help from different parts of the world.

We call all members of the Infopulse community, clients, and everyone who wants, to consolidate efforts – together we are strong and will win!

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