Horizen & Infopulse Unite to Build Treasury Voting System

Horizen (ex ZenCash) Partners with Infopulse to Build Treasury Voting System

Companies collaborate on future R&D projects to scale Zen platform

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New York, New York — June 5, 2018 — Horizen (formerly ZenCash), the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, has announced that it has partnered with Infopulse, an international software research and development company, to collaborate on key research and development projects on the Zen blockchain. The companies’ first joint project will be the development of a treasury voting system that will enable Horizen holders to make decisions on community proposals. The voting system will give the Zen community an active role in the network’s development and offer transparency into the allocation of funds.
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Infopulse’s software development expertise will prove invaluable to Horizen as we develop our treasury voting system, one of the flagship features of the Zen platform. Infopulse’s technical insights will also inform future projects and help us make critical updates to Horizen. With Infopulse’s record of building innovative and sustainable software solutions, we are confident that this partnership will keep Horizen on the bleeding edge of research and development in the blockchain space.
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Robert Viglione
Horizen Co-founder

The Horizen platform’s protocol-level treasury voting system will help to improve community participation in decision-making for the network. Under the model, proposals are placed in a system, where ideas can be submitted by anyone and voted upon by Horizen holders.The companies are currently stress testing a prototype of the treasury model, with active voters participating in theoretical proposals. Infopulse will assist Horizen in research and development of scaling protocols, domain fronting, and distributed file storage. The collaboration with Infopulse builds on a partnership between Horizen and leading blockchain engineering company IOHK. Horizen and Infopulse plan to implement a custom model of IOHK’s reference treasury model, which IOHK has been developing in collaboration with Professor Bingsheng Zhang from Lancaster University.

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Infopulse is excited to partner with Horizen, one of the most innovative and mature blockchain companies in the world. We will work together to implement new products and protocols, like the treasury model, that will offer an unparalleled user experience, as well as increasing trust and transparency in the community. We are thrilled to contribute our experience and expertise to the development of transformative blockchain solutions on the Horizen platform.
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Jan Keil
Infopulse Blockchain Evangelist and VP of Marketing

About Horizen

Horizen (formerly ZenCash), the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, is the first and most important product in the Zen portfolio. Zen launched its blockchain in Spring 2017 with a vision of creating a truly private ecosystem for messaging and payments. Zen provides privacy and networking infrastructure for secure and anonymous collaboration. For more information, visit horizen.global.

About Infopulse

Infopulse is a global provider of IT Services with more than 26 years of experience in software research and development and technology counseling. Backed by strong consulting, infrastructure management, and software engineering capabilities, the company provides a wide array of services to enterprises across the globe. Infopulse has assisted in the development of several blockchain-based solutions for the financial sector, including a decentralized solution for loan syndication based on Hyperledger and a “Know Your Customer” system for banks to better identify customers and manage risk.

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