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Infopulse Visits Microsoft Tech Summit Chicago 2017

Infopulse cloud architects have recently visited Microsoft Tech Summit 2017, part of a series of Cloud tech conferences, which took place in Chicago, IL, USA on January 19-20, 2017. In the following update, Ivan Musiienko, an Infopulse cloud expert, tells his impressions on visiting the cloud summit.

Visiting Microsoft Chicago Summit

Microsoft Tech Summit is a series of two-day annual technical conferences and training events for cloud professionals, comprised of 70 training sessions, workshops, and meetups with Redmond experts. Tech Summit is the best place to meet colleagues and fellow developers from the Microsoft community, learn about innovations and latest advancements in the cloud technologies and talk to Azure specialists.

Infopulse was the only IT Company from Ukraine, present at the Microsoft Chicago summit. Infopulse architects visited multiple talks and hands-on labs, namely those related to Azure services and updates on Microsoft System Center 2016. Some interesting talks were about building local hybrid clouds and cloud migrations on the global scale. Our team has successfully confirmed our cloud architect competencies by going through all required final exams and getting official certificates from Microsoft.

One of the most important things to learn during the summit was that the latest trend about the cloud transformation for businesses has surpassed the regular infrastructure migration. Businesses are now much more interested in moving their applications to the cloud so that applications are working as services instead of working on a machine level. This new trend is called application cloudification, and that’s one of the services we put a large emphasis on when working with our clients.

Our visit to the Microsoft Tech Summit 2017 has been perfectly aligned with the launch of Infopulse Microsoft Cloud Service Line.

Infopulse Cloud Initiatives

While Infopulse has been a long-term provider of cloud services and solutions, our decision to launch a dedicated Cloud Service Center was a strategical shift in the sync with the latest trends. A sure step towards building a Cloud Service Line was our successful long-term partnership with Microsoft and ongoing cooperation with Microsoft PDU. Close collaboration with Microsoft and support of our activities via the Partner Technical Journeys program, allows us to reimagine our regular approach towards cloud projects. Our clients will see a continuous expansion of cloud developments and services offered by our company.

Moving to the cloud makes your business much more agile and scalable than before. As the amounts of processed and stored data constantly grow, decisions have to be made fast. Speeding up your business with Cloud Technologies is the next step on your ultimate Digital Transformation journey. – Ivan Musiienko, Infopulse Cloud Expert

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