Azure Data Warehouse for a Large Agribusiness | Case Study

Cloud Data Management Solution for Agro Holding

Large International Agro-Industrial Group







About the Customer:

Our client is a large international agro-industrial group with more than 30 enterprises across Europe. The company takes a leading position in the market supplying its products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Executive Summary

Goal: Replace a legacy data management system with a modern cloud solution to centralize and streamline reporting operations, enable intelligent data analytics, and ensure scalability for future growth.

Solution: Infopulse implemented a complex Cloud Data Warehouse solution based on Microsoft Azure, consolidated data from various ERP systems, and preconfigured a set of data marts for generating reports.

Benefits: Streamlined business processes, centralized storage of business-critical data, reduced time and effort to extract necessary data and generate reports, achieved better decision-making with advanced analytics.

Services delivered: Cloud consulting, Microsoft Azure & Power BI solutions, BI & Data Analytics, Data Warehouse Design and Development.

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Business Challenge

Aiming to be at the edge of innovation, an agribusiness giant initiated a series of large-scale digitalization projects to modernize the company’s business processes. One of the objectives was to replace a legacy data management system to overcome the following challenges:

  • Migrate existing data management system to a modern cloud environment;
  • Centralize scattered legacy reporting solutions on a single platform;
  • Enable faster and more efficient reporting, as well as intelligent analytics;
  • Support the company’s development with a scalable solution.

Cooperation between the agro holding and Infopulse started in 2018, resulting in a portfolio of successful projects created together. Aiming to reap the benefits of modern cloud technologies, the company approached Infopulse for extensive expertise in building complex Data Warehouses and Cloud solutions.


To support our client’s digital transformation, Infopulse implemented a complex Cloud Data Warehouse solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:

  • Designed and deployed a flexible cloud data warehouse solution;
  • Set up the processes for collecting, transforming and preparing data from various ERP systems;
  • Introduced a flexible architecture and a consolidated data model for a sustainable platform;
  • Preconfigured a set of data marts with custom data criteria for report generation.


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Business Value

Introducing an innovative data management solution allowed our client to streamline its business processes, optimizing the performance of internal systems, and driving forward its digital transformation, thanks to:

  • The highly scalable architecture of the cloud-based data storage system to sustain the company’s growth;
  • Business-critical data centralized in a single cloud data warehouse;
  • Ability to integrate other ERP systems apart from the already present 1C and SAP systems;
  • Reduced the time and effort required to extract data and generate analytical reports;
  • Advanced analytical capabilities with self-service BI reports.

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