Application Packaging Services for a Navigation Company

Application Packaging Services for the Navigation & Mapping Company

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About the Customer:

Our customer is a global company providing in-car navigation and digital mapping services. Being represented in more than 50 countries, the company’s navigation products are used in over 150 million vehicles worldwide

Business Challenge

The client approached Infopulse with the challenge of the rapidly growing demand for properly organized software management and installation services. Application packaging requirements were becoming more complex and required too much time and effort from the internal IT team.

The company was looking for a trusted IT partner to deliver a tailored application packaging solution to leverage workflow optimization and routine sysadmin tasks automation.


Through a thorough analysis of the customer’s system guidelines and standards, Infopulse experts have implemented a customized version of our proprietary application packaging service. A tailored hybrid solution combines a standard solution with the Smart Update service, a custom catalog with packaged applications ready to be deployed and rolled out.

Overall, upon assessing current busines requirements, Infopulse and our client agreed on the following scope of application packaging services:

  • Update and support of 23 applications
  • Supporting packages for Windows (MSI) and MacOS (PKG)
  • Secure and device-compliant services supported by conditional access policies
  • Conflict-free installs enabled by a unique naming

Technologies and Tools

Jamf Composer logo
Jamf Composer
macOS Installer logo
macOS Installer
PACE Suite logo
PACE Suite
Windows logo
Windows 365 logo
Windows 365
and many others

Business Value

Satisfied with the initial project results, our client decided to make use of the flexible application packaging services from Infopulse on a full-time basis. Since the start of the application packaging project, our client has seen drastic improvements in its IT department performance:

  • Significantly reduced support costs
  • Reduced application deployment life-cycle costs
  • The client’s IT staff was liberated from routine tasks
  • In 2020 alone, 380 updated packages were deployed by the client’s system administrators

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