Application Packaging & Virtualization

Enhance your application management with swift, unattended, and risk-free software installations. Explore the holistic application packaging and virtualization services of Infopulse.

We Help You
Sustain an Efficient IT Environment

By streamlining software installation, uninstallation, repair, and patching processes, application packaging helps you sustain a consistent and reliable IT environment.

Eliminate Business Disruptions

Packaged apps detect corrupted files and trigger a “self-healing” option to repair themselves. Rolling back is also possible in case of an unsuccessful installation, excluding any risks of software failure.

Optimize Costs

Automated deployments, unattended updates, and safe installations will significantly reduce your expenses on application management, helpdesk, and user support.

Reduce Security Risks

Infopulse experts will mitigate any security gaps during the packaging process. Your apps will be updated with relevant security patches and extensions, protecting your IT environment from unauthorized access.

Facilitate App Distribution

Your IT teams will no longer need to install and configure software manually. Application packaging enables the rapid and easy distribution of apps across hundreds of corporate devices.

Prevent Compatibility Issues

Application packaging tools can promptly identify any compatibility issues or application conflicts, facilitating their resolution with the respective policies and automated conflict management.

Our Solutions

PACE Suite

PACE Suite is a powerful packaging tool designed to create and edit MSI, MSIX, Appx, App-V, and ThinApp packages, and automate checks for quality, safety, and deployment readiness.

  • Repackaging on local and remote VM (ESXi, Hyper-V, VirtualBox)
  • Intelligent wizards for complex user scenarios
  • Full-scale automation of packaging and testing
PACE Packager Hub

PACE Packager Hub is an end-to-end ecosystem designed for the tracking and delivery of application packages, team management, and customer servicing.

  • Centralized platform for multiple isolated projects
  • Pre-configured application packaging processes with extensive customization options
  • Single entry point for customers and packagers
Smart Update

Smart Update is a library of deployment-ready packages for the Top 100+ most frequently used business apps. All packages are up-to-date and available in multiple languages.

  • Receive app updates within 1 day after the release
  • Deployment for Microsoft SCCM or other systems
  • 24/7 request processing and proactive support

Our Services

Application Discovery 

Our experts analyze the versions and quantities of the software installed on all systems and gather information on every application that needs to be packaged and deployed. 

Compatibility Assessment  

Gain a holistic view of software compatibility, specifically application shimming (infrastructure/framework compatibility), side-by-side isolation, and virtualization. 

Application Packaging  

We organize the applications for deployment by reconfiguring them into the MSI package format or by implementing the MSI Transform installer according to the confirmed standards. 

Application Virtualization 

Infopulse provides application virtualization/sequencing in App-V, MSIX, ThinApp, and XenApp formats in accordance with the industry standards and best practices. 

Application Package Testing 

Every application package is tested on target platforms that correspond to the customer’s testing environment. 

Preparation for Deployment  

Our engineers deliver customization, scripting, wrapping, and integration testing across numerous deployment platforms (SCCM, Intune, Matrix42, FrontRange DSM, IBM BigFix, etc.) 

Documentation & Guides 

To save your time and effort, we create screenshot-based “how-to” documentation, such as installation instructions, user manuals, or tutorials. 

Technologies & Tools

Application Packaging
  • MSIX
  • MSIX AppAttach
  • App-V
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Mac OS Packaging
  • Linux Packaging
Desktop Management
  • SCCM 2016/2019
  • FrontRange DSM 7.X
  • IBM BigFix
  • HP Client Automation
  • LANDESK Management Suite
  • MS Intune
  • Empirum Matrix42
Scripting & Automation
  • VBScript
  • PowerShell
  • Custom ICE Development
  • Apple Script
  • OS X Shell Scripting
  • Xcode
  • FrontRange eScript
Packaging Solutions
  • PACE Suite
  • PACE Packager Hub
  • Wise Package Studio
  • Flexera Admin Studio
  • JAMF Composer
  • Productbuild for OS X
  • Pkgbuild for OS X
  • Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
  • Windows ADK
  • Citrix AppDNA
  • Dell ChangeBase AOK



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