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Cloud Digital Workplace Unifies Numerous Systems of the Leading Metals & Mining Company

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About the Customer:

Our client is an industry-leading group of metals and mining companies that focuses on the mining and processing of iron ore, and the manufacturing of steel products. With extensive experience in the metals and mining industry, our client operates across Ukraine, Europe, and the US, and has $9 billion in revenue.

Business Challenge

In 2021, the leading metals & mining company was looking for a reliable IT provider to build a solution architecture for a digital workplace. Having successfully implemented other complex projects for this client earlier, Infopulse won the tender with a proven excellent delivery record.

The architectural complexity of the project required an all-encompassing approach to building a holistic system for a group of companies spanning approx. 100,000 employees. The largest challenge was to unite disparate systems that each of the group’s companies used and implement a single company-wide interface that all the company employees would be able to access.

A required digital workplace solution was to resolve the following challenges:

  • Support – many websites with their own infrastructure
  • Costs – expensive infrastructure and team support
  • Technology – solutions had to be built with Microsoft tech
  • Usability – uniform approach for different types of users
  • Localization – introduce multi-language support for both the interface and content
  • Integration – integrate numerous third-party systems with the digital workplace.
Cloud Digital Workplace Unifies Numerous Systems of the Leading Metals & Mining Company - image 1


The client and Infopulse started the implementation of this massive project from an MVP stage. This allowed us to test the technologies necessary for the digital workplace solution and develop the solution architecture.

Next, we proceeded to the implementation and deployment stage (6 months) of the digital workplace solution based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

The project's highlight was the complexity of the group's organizational structure, which comprises numerous companies – each having their own systems. We combined and united those disparate sub-systems under a single interface that provides access to any data from those sub-systems. The types of access and data available to a user depend on their user role and permissions within the organization.

Cloud Digital Workplace Unifies Numerous Systems of the Leading Metals & Mining Company - image 2
Cloud Digital Workplace Unifies Numerous Systems of the Leading Metals & Mining Company - image 3
The delivered universal functionality of the digital workplace solution includes:
An average timeframe for similar projects:


Microsoft Teams logo
Microsoft Teams
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Azure SQL
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Azure DevOps
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Azure Service Bus
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Logic Apps
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and many others

Business Value 

A new unified, integrated cloud productivity platform developed by a joint team of our client and Infopulse provides the leading metals & mining group of companies with all the functions of the employee workplace (vacations, sick leaves, orders, approvals, finance, etc.) regardless of the specific IT stack of each enterprise of the international holding.

The benefits of the digital workplace solution are profound and encompass the whole organization, empowering distributed employees to work as one. As a result of the digital alignment project, our client receives:

  • Employee connectedness & better working experience
  • Enhanced collaboration resulting in better customer service
  • Responsive digital leadership among management
  • Reduced infrastructure and support costs
  • Microservice architecture that allows the system scalability and flexibility with ease

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