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Microsoft Teams

Set up a remote collaboration hub for daily co-innovation of your employees. Explore the benefits of Microsoft collaboration solutions with an official Microsoft Solutions Partner and Azure Expert MSP.

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Amplify Collaboration

Create, share, and collaborate in real-time on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in Microsoft Teams with quick and smooth integration of Microsoft 365.

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Elevate Productivity

Reduce downtimes, get rid of long email threads, and access all resources from a cloud-based environment of the cross-platform Microsoft Teams application.

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Boost Innovation

Increase time-to-decision, gain exceptional visibility and insights with readily available information accessed anytime from any device.

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Improve Communication

Enable users to resolve tasks faster with instant messaging, personal and group chats, audio-, video-, and web conferencing.

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Enable Hybrid Work

Our Microsoft experts help you create a digital workplace environment for anywhere-anytime work with Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365.

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Ensure Remote Work Security

With our holistic cybersecurity expertise, Infopulse safeguards your sensitive data and prevents data leaks by setting up multi-factor authentication and access encryption through Active Directory.

Our Services

Business Analysis and Consultation  
  • Analysis of your requirements and brainstorming implementation scenarios, viable for your business
  • Building a project plan for setting up and deploying the platform
  • Expert guidance on the successful Microsoft Teams deployment
Migration and System Design 
  • Hybrid architecture design
  • Microsoft Teams and Exchange on-premises integration (shared calendars, user presence status)
  • User migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Integration with external systems (SAP, ServiceNow, 1C, etc.)
  • Corporate portals migration to Microsoft Teams: company news, birthdays, office map, emergency contacts, IT desk inquiries, etc.
Digital Workplace Setup  
  • Building Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from scratch
  • A secure virtual workplace for improved productivity and agility
  • Passwordless authentication for employees without a fixed workplace, salary statements, sick leaves, and hours worked
  • Developing and integrating custom applications for the Microsoft Teams platform
Process Automation 
  • Business processes automation and optimization, customized for remote work
  • Common tasks automation with chatbots – from onboarding to request submission: vacation and business trip request forms, corporate transport schedule, public transport tracking, and much more
Telephony Configuration 
  • Configuring Microsoft Teams direct routing with SBC
  • Setting up a cloud-based phone system for voice calls
  • Setting up audio conferencing and dial-in for joining conference calls with handheld devices
  • Configuring routing of incoming calls
Employee Experience Integration 
  • Setting up Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform
  • Customizing tools for employee engagement, learning, wellbeing, and knowledge discovery, integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
Security Configuration  
  • Configuring security policies to prevent data leaks
  • Configuring Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • MFA authentication
  • Corporate data monitoring
  • Implementing information barrier policies and legal hold for unauthorized communication detection
  • Implementing retention policies
Support and Staff Training  
  • Post-adoption technical support
  • End-user support and troubleshooting
  • Expert-guided adoption workshops for end-users


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