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Grain Balance Management Application for MHP








About the Customer:

Founded in 1998, MHP is a large international food and agro-technical company comprising more than 30 enterprises and having more than 32,000 employees throughout Ukraine and other countries. MHP is the leading producer of poultry products not only in Ukraine but also in the Balkans (Perutnina Ptuj Group).

Business Challenge

MHP’s business is based on two fundamental pillars – poultry breeding and the production of grain and oilseed crops. Every year MHP plans a large-scale sowing campaign that spans 350,000 hectares of crop fields across 11 regions in Ukraine. This is a complex and time-consuming process, where a team of agronomists estimates the future crop yield and plans the required grain operations, such as harvesting, grain transportation, and storage, as well as measures the amount of the grain to be sold and preserved as poultry feed.

During the planning stage, large volumes of diverse data are entered into the client’s ERP system and then transferred into a DWH for further processing. Consequently, an advanced mathematical model performs 100+ calculation scenarios to determine an optimal grain balance, number of required elevators, transportation routes, etc.

To achieve better agricultural productivity, MHP decided to perform grain balance calculations on a regular basis. The client’s primary objective was to rapidly build a mobile business application that would:

  • Include 30+ interfaces covering grain production, procurement, sales, transportation, as well as nutrient and damage control
  • Operate the data related to crop turnover and residues from an existing ERP system
  • Update source data in the ERP system and apply custom parameters and filters to it
  • Implement 100+ calculation scenarios
  • Enable the editing of calculation scenarios and initiate new calculations with updated parameters
  • Conduct versioning calculations and allow users to access and analyze any version
Grain balance management solution on Power Apps for MHP


With a view to our long-term collaboration, MHP approached Infopulse to develop the solution. As a significant part of the client’s infrastructure is built on Microsoft Azure and a swift pace of development was the key project requirement, Microsoft Power Apps was the perfect platform to engineer the grain balance app.

After assessing the client’s supply chain flows, our experts designed the required interfaces that covered all grain operations segments, such as purchasing, sales, logistics, production, etc. Each interface covers a specific segment and includes all the relevant data, calculation parameters, and scenarios. Users can quickly access any interface to perform calculations and make planned or ad-hoc changes to the parameters (in case of altered crop yield predictions).

To ensure that the app can perform 100+ calculation scenarios, our team transferred the calculation logic to Power Apps by connecting Canvas to the client’s DWH. The data processing flow is based on Azure Data Factory. After clicking “calculate”, the data is processed in the client’s DWH, it is then transferred into an Azure Data Bricks cluster where the mathematical model conducts the calculations. The results are sent back to the DWH and can be viewed via custom reports and dashboards created with Power BI.

Another imperative project requirement was to enable versioning calculation. Infopulse designed a solution architecture that saves all versions of previous calculations across any agricultural segment. Users can access any calculation version to analyze, check, and compare the data. Moreover, filters and calculation logic may be adjusted to initiate a new calculation based on a certain version. The results of all previous and new calculations are showcased in convenient Power BI reports.

Calculations Start Screen

Grain Calculations Start Screen 

Grain Sales Calculation Parameters 

Grain Sales Calculation Parameters


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Business Value

Infopulse developed an intuitive mobile application with all of the required features and capabilities in just 12 weeks. As a result, the tailor-made grain balance solution helped MHP bring its agricultural productivity to a new level with:

  • Convenient anytime/anywhere access to 100+ calculation scenarios that cover the full scope of grain-related processes
  • An opportunity to find best-case business outcomes by customizing calculation parameters and checking the data across all previous calculation versions
  • Facilitated crop harvesting control and optimized logistics route planning and management
  • Precise calculations that ensure a perfectly balanced amount of crops to be sold and preserved as poultry feed
  • Improved decision-making with insightful Power BI reports that represent all the calculation results.

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