24/7 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services for Agillic

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services for Leading Marketing Automation Provider




Cooperation period:

2005 - present


Software & Hi-Tech


50 +

About the Customer:

Agillic is a European leading interactive integrated marketing execution company, focused on bringing automation and behavioral marketing to a wide client audience. Working with some of the marketing teams, both in-house and agency-side, Agillic provides customers with the tools and the expertise they need to re-invent their marketing processes for maximum ROI.

Business Challenge

In 2014, business expansion and client base growth at Agillic resulted in higher demand for stability of the internal IT environment. The main challenge was to establish a close to 100% availability and 24/7 performance of business-critical applications to ensure quality of the services delivered to multiple clients without introducing relevant IT functions in the organization.


  • 24/7 monitoring of IT infrastructure and business-critical applications
  • Technology: Dumbo, Linux OS, custom-developed software applications

Business Value

  • Guaranteed stability of the business-critical systems
  • Cost saving: no need to involve additional resources on the customer’s side to ensure required functionality
  • Infopulse serves as a multi-area service provider to Agillic delivering both IT infrastructure monitoring and software development services.

Customer Quote

quotes image
With the great work of the Infopulse monitoring team, Agillic is able to provide the availability of our solution that our customers expect, even when the problems occur in the middle of the night or during weekends. The expertise of the monitoring team allows Agillic to constantly improve our monitoring capabilities while allowing the engineers in Agillic to focus on building our product. Starting to work with Infopulse on monitoring has truly been a great step forward for Agillic.
Jens Ebbesen 
Head of Engineering

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