Live 5-day Power Platform Adoption Workshop for Agricultural Company

Power Apps Adoption Workshop for Agricultural Giant

Large Agricultural Holding







About the Customer:

Our client is one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine and one of the leading poultry producers in Europe. The company owns top food brands with a focus on food quality and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Business Challenge

Traditionally, the application development process requires costly technical expertise and the app could take months or even years to be delivered. However, the advent of the new low-code high productivity platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps has redefined the application development environment that allows building and deploying custom business apps in a matter of weeks. However, the adoption of such a new approach requires a complete change of mindset to embrace the power of the Power Apps platform.

The client reached Infopulse for a Microsoft Power Apps consultation and adoption workshop asking us to demonstrate the functions and capabilities of the platform to the company decision-makers. Through the workshop, where we would develop a minimum viable prototype (MVP) application using Power Apps, we needed to prove the idea that projects could be delivered faster and cheaper with the help of Microsoft Power Apps, and, in this way, facilitate the adoption of the new platform.

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Infopulse has conducted a Microsoft Power Apps adoption workshop to demonstrate the platform capabilities and functions along with providing the client with guidance on how to create applications on their own on the example of an MVP of a corporate online store for field workers, seamlessly designed and built in less than just a week.

In the course of 5 days, Infopulse experts collected the business requirements for an MVP, formed a backlog, created the solution data model and key components, built the solution, and deployed a working prototype of a mobile application. From the very beginning, the process consisted of daily 4-hour sessions, during which the process of full-cycle solution development with Microsoft Power Apps was demonstrated to the client’s team for them to get a better understanding of all the platform aspects and benefits.

As a result of the workshop, the client’s decision-makers received a solid understanding of Microsoft Power Apps capabilities with a demonstration of a prototype lifecycle management solution consisting of:

  • The solution backlog and data model
  • Solution administrator interface for back-office employees
  • Solution user interface with catalog navigation and order management
  • Application deployed to Apple iPad Air
  • Demo of the product lifecycle management


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Business Value

The demonstration of a functional MVP that was developed, tested, and deployed in the course of just 5 days, helped Infopulse and the client’s IT team to prove to the company’s decision-makers the transformative capabilities of the Power Apps platform and confirm business and technical hypotheses regarding its adoption and integration. By understanding the principles and functions of Microsoft Power Apps, the client of Infopulse is now committed to and is able to realize the adoption of the enterprise-ready platform that allows building custom digital solutions within low budgets and short terms with no coding involved.

Infopulse offers all kinds of Power Apps products, services, adoption workshops, and strategic initiatives to help your enterprise accelerate digital transformation and gain all benefits of advanced technologies.

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